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TOO much TESTOSTERONE and blood temp

TOO much TESTOSTERONE and blood temp

Hi , I’m new in PE. This is my second thread (please check the first one and help!)

Is there a problem with having very high Testosterone levels? I realise this, because I get very very hard erections, almost parallel to my body, and I’m erect almost half the day. I also have a great amount of body hair, compared with other people of my age (I’m 18). Also, I always experience high temperature of my blood, which I think caused most of my past diseases.

I’m not much into medicine. If someone knows how to deal with this, I would appreciate a solution, if needed, and more info about the negatives of increased testosterone/blood temp , or positives, if there are any.

-How will this affect my PE?
- Does high temperature ruin sperms? Am I on risk of becoming impotent? (By the way, I have a very weak ejaculation power, and I don’t seem to be able to hold a kegel)
- Does high testosterone will cause early baldness?
- Why am I always horny?


My body temperature also runs a little higher than most people. In a room where most people are chilly, I’m quite comfortable in short sleeves. My erections are rock hard and still point straight up(I’m 53), I’ve been very fertile throughout my life having impregnated 10 women(that I know about) and I still have a full head of hair. I have my free and total testosterone levels checked every year and I have a slightly higher than average level for my age. Hell, I cycle testosterone precursors several times a year and love the increased levels. If in fact you do have higher than average levels of testosterone, which I’ll bet you don’t, enjoy it man. As you age, your will produce less and that, IMO, is worse.

I don’t see how a higher than average testosterone level would adversely affect your PE.

As to why you’re always horny, you’re 18, for God sakes. If you weren’t, there’d be something wrong with you. I’m horny most of the time and I’m 3 times your age.

Take a look at bodybuilders who raise their test levels to 10x what a normal person experiences, some of the side effects you listed may be related to high test(erection strength(NOT ANGLE), erection frequency, hair growth(treatable). Anything that is androgen related raises the risk(if you call it a risk) of these things.

When I’m on a test based cycle it’s like being 15 again. Sex has to happen at least once a day, I get NRBs(No reason boners) constantly, but I don’t exactly see this as a problem. Your erection angle bothers me because it’s not related to high test at all. Your ligaments are either incorrectly formed, or have not received enough use. High blood temperature is not related to high test at all(I don’t know how you can measure BLOOD temperature).

The only way to become impotent is if your HPTA drops, your test levels drop, or you experience testicular atrophy.

Test can convert to DHT(cause of baldness) but unless you are baldness prone in your family I wouldn’t worry too much about it at this age. There are things bodybuilders use to avoid the buildup or conversion of DHT but many of the drugs are only temporary fixes.

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Thank you very much guys!
Still few questions that bother me:

Dugie65: What’s the problem with my ligaments?? How can I correct it? Has it got anything to do with LOT? If so, at what angle should I do my extensions? I don’t know how to measure my LOT neither. PLEASE HELP ME =(

Thanks again,

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