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Too much stretching

Too much stretching

Hey, what’s up everyone?

I’m just wondering if its possible to overstretch. Like when you jelq for too long and your penis atrophies, is this also possible with stretching?

Currently, I do 50 DLD blasters, then 9 30 second BTC stretches, then 9 V-stretches. This all takes about 30 minutes.

I think I have actually gained a little so far, but I’m not too sure. So, I was just wondering if anyone thinks this is too much stretching for one session?


For me, it’s always been easier to get that after stretching than jelqing. How long have you been PE’ing for? If you’re still within the 2-3 month range, then you might want to consider cutting back on the time, then gradually increasing back up over a period of a couple of months.

Shit! So it is possible?

I’ve been PEing for about 6 months now.

I used to stretch for maybe 15 minutes total. What I’ve changed is I added DLD blaster, I do BTC stretches instead of stretching down, and I do V-stretches instead of stretching straight out.

I just started this routine a couple weeks ago. My LOT is 8:30 just incase you were wondering.

So you went from 15 minutes right into 30 minutes of stretching per day? If so, then yes, it’s possible. When the penis does that after a workout, it usually means that you have overtrained, which sounds like what you’re describing.

Try taking it back to 15 minutes for a week, then each week after that, add a minute to your workout. That way, your dick can become conditioned enough for more time instead of acting like a turtle. The new stretches you’re doing sounds good to me. You just need to find a way to balance them all out into a certain time frame.

Hey SuperStroker,

I didn’t mean to say that my penis was atrophying, I was just wondering if it’s actually possible from stertching. My problem is, I don’t really know whether this is happening or not.

Right after the stretch my penis is definitely longer. Then after maybe twenty minutes it’s a about normal size I guess. I’ll monitor exactly what happens tonight after I stretch. So how can I tell if my penis is atophying?


When it get’s shorter than normal, usually right after you’re done working it…

Sounds like you’re good to go to me… :)

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Like RB said, sounds like you’re fine. :up:

Oh shit, hey!

Thanks for the quick replies, helps alot!!!

After a hard workout it’s not uncommon for my wood to be both shorter and smaller in girth than normal for the whole day afterward. Of course, it always comes back, so not to worry :)

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