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Too much skin.

Too much skin.


I’m just starting out with PE and I’m doing the newbie routine.

I have quite a lot of excess skin and when I try to jelq, I’m literally ending up with half my ball sack in my OK grip. Lol.

Any suggestions?

Pull the excess skin back down before you do each jelq while the one hand is still at the glans. That is, if you are performing wet jelq.

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Have you looked at the videos on this page on this site:

Penis Enlargement Videos

If you have a lot of excess skin, you could also consider dry jelqing rather than wet jelqing.

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Try holding your balls back with one hand so the full length is out without the extra skin. Do 10 or 20 reps with one hand, then switch hands and do 10 or 20 reps with the other. I use that trick pretty consistently.

Another possibility is to use your thumb to run up the underside of the shaft and push the balls back, make your grip and start the jelq, then use the other hand to hold the base so the skin doesn’t move.

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I posted this in another thread, but I think this could help you. I used to not get much out of my jelqs either because of excess skin. I found that the trick for me was stretching a good portion of the skin down to the base with one hand (it should feel pretty tight on the shaft) and performing the jelq with the other (palm facing the ground). When I do it right my penis actually looks half an inch longer after a couple of strokes. You have to find the right amount of lube though. Too much and you’re not getting a good jelq/stretch, too little and it really hurts! I should also mention that when I’m doing jelqs this way it’s not just about the jelq, you should feel a bit of stretching too.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the help guys. I just did the dry jelq and it works a lot better than the wet.

While reading I also learned to be careful of the middle vein and I found that the overhand OK grip is better for this. And to try jelq downwards or to the sides for maximum gains, not upwards.

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