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Too much, or not enough?

Too much, or not enough?

Hi! I’ve been doing PE for about a month and a half now. My routine consists of…..Hot Wrap….5 minutes of stretching, one minute in each direction (out,up, down, left, right) pulse stretching to a 60 count. Then a 5 minute massaging to regain circulation. After that I jelqu 550 strokes. I end my routine with a

Hot wrap.

My question is, Is this too much, or not enough? Can anyone suggest a better routine or whatever? I need HELP! guys!! I’m a shorty!!

If these are one second strokes that is about 10 min and should be ok. I suggest starting with 200 three second strokes and working up to about 500-600 over 5 or 6 weeks.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Maal, if you’re really short you might want to consider some hanging.

At any rate, you didn’t discuss your schedule. Every day, every other, 2 on / 1 off, what?

I usually manually stretch everyday and jelqu everyother day. As far as hanging goes…..I haven’t tried it and I really don’t have that much privacy. Does hanging really speed up the lenghtening process? It also sounds abit “painful”. If I should start, what would be a good starting weight and for how long?

So far on my routine I’ve added a 1/4th of an inch in lenght (up to 4 inches from 3 3/4” erect) and added 1/4th inch in girth up to 4 1/2” from 4 1/4” dia. behind the head)

My goal is 5 inches, hopefully 6 inches.

Hmmm. You might want to PM Lil’ about your situation for his input. He’s always trying new things.

As for hanging, yeah it takes some time and definitely isn’t inconspicuous. It is also the best way to add length; that is, growth over time invested. Hanging isn’t what I’d call comfortable, but it isn’t torture, if that’s what you are imagining. It certainly is something you have to build up to. But I am concluding my first week, am on a two session per day schedule, and am loving it!!

Now assuming that hanging doesn’t work for you, there *are* some options to try.

First, jelqing and manual stretching are your best alternatives for length. Read up as much as you can on different variations and determine what you want to try as a start. You are going to really have to build up to some HEAVY (but let me stress SAFE) stretching.

It is also key that you find (well, it is for everyone but you have no margin for screwing up if you want to grow) the correct balance of rest and exercise. Another thing to research and look for input on. This is a big trial and error area. Make a PE LOG and that will help your analysis.

Now something I would try given your privacy situation is a post-workout stretch device, whether it be a tractionwrap or an all-day stretcher (ADS). My bet would be on the ADS as you need as much pull on your little dude as possible. Tractionwrap is better for post-hanging, and would definitely be a waste if you do it post-jelqing as your penis will deflate and the wrapping be rendered useless. You could use it after a stretching session. In that case you’d want to separate stretching from jelqing. Maybe a helacious stretch session in the AM, followed by tractionwrapping, then a PM jelqing session. I would still say an ADS is your best bet.

When you get some length on that thing, THEN go for your girth routines of heavy squeezing and so forth. Jelqing will give you girth, but nowhere near what squeezing will do. Make sure your jelqing is heavy duty and you feel it a bit in your susp. lig towards the end of the session. Again, work up to that level.

Hope that gives you some options. Don’t give up - it’s worth it! And the level of confidence boost you’ll receive (making the assumption that could be an issue for you) will be WAY more beneficial than just the sexual bonus. ;)


Hey Maal!

Welcome aboard and congrats on your gains!

If you’re making gains, you are doing enough! There is a very real temptation to overdo things, especially in the early stages and after getting some encouraging gains. Don’t yield to this temptation - it’s a short cut to injury!

Hanging is great for length, however if time is an issue, then jelqing might be your best option. Don’t expect to make gains overnight - it takes time and persistence but, if you read the board you will see that it does work for most men and your goals are very much achievable!

Are you taking your measurements Bone Pressed (BP) or Non Bone Pressed (NBP)? BP is the way to go as it will give you the most accurate indicator of gains. If you run into problems, ask questions - there are many guys here who will be happy to help and we have an excellent search function (button at top right of the screen) - just enter a key word.

Good luck and keep us posted!

lil1 :littleguy

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Hi Maal:

You and I are about the same size erect, but you have a half inch on me in girth. Lil1’s advice on bone press measuring is good. I didn’t do that when I started off in April. I really felt it was not a true measurement since I was pushing into my pubic area by a half inch or so, I just measured from the base to the tip. Looking back, I wish I’d have measured bone pressed, since, as Lil1 says, it’s more accurate.

I started out April 2 with hot wraps, manual stretches, kegels and jelqs. May 1 I bought a Bib Starter and started hanging. I started with 2 lbs, then moved to 3 lbs, then fdve. I now am at 8 lbs. I also do traction wrapping after hanging for at least 4 - 5 hours. You don’t say what your size is flaccid but mine is obviously small. Traction wrapping really makes it stick out a bit and is somewhat visible if you don’t wear underwear - a great confidence booster.

You’ll find, throughout the hanging posts, that common sense is key to any PE exercises. If you penis is screaming for less weight, or to ease up on the tighness, listen to it. I figure I’ve been small all my life, so taking a year or two to add some gains ain’t gonna kill me.


Thanks everyone for your input!! For right now I’m going to continue with my present routine……I might try hanging at a later date. If anyone thinks of another way to manually stretch PLEASE let me know. There’s alot to think about when hanging and I don’t want to damage the goods.

Another thing I wanted to ask, When manually stretching, after a hot wrap and I pull straight out for the first time, I hear a slight snap. It doesn’t hurt but is a little scary. Has anyone encounter something simular?


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