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Too much or just enough

Too much or just enough

I have been doing basically the newbie routine of stretches and jelqing for over 4 months now. I incorporated light pumping about 3 or 4 weeks ago, with 3 days a week of (3) 5 minute sessions at 3-4 hg pressure. Great results immediately after pumping, but nothing too long lasting. However, my base is really getting thicker.

Starting this past Monday, I am doing (3) 10 minute pumping sessions at 3-4 hg pressure with 2 or 3 minutes of light jelqing to 75% erection between and after sessions. Both Monday and Tuesday sessions were great
And are giving me a fuller/thicker post session flaccid hang. On it’s own, I think 5 days pumping on, two days off may work for me.

However, last night the lovely wife did not want to have sex, but gave me a great blow job. Probably worked up to a full erection with about 5 minutes of stroking and licking my dick, then about 5 more minutes of intense sucking before I shot my load. Immediately after that I got a slight ache around my shaft area. Nothing serious, just an ache/fatigue feeling. I had decided that I would take today off to make sure EQ stayed good since we have a sex night possibly planned for tomorrow night.

Yet, this morning I woke up a great hard-on. Does that mean I probably am not overdoing it and my dick was not fatigued. It has a slight tingle this morning, but almost like a good tingle. I do not remember getting this feel before. It has been 4 hours since I woke up with the morning wood and know that I could get a hard-on now just thinking about some pussy. This is off subject, but do you guys find that you are constantly thinking about pussy and your cock now that you are practicing PE. I want to fuck all the time now.

Anyway, back to the reason for the post. Would you vets take today off to make sure tomorrow night is good, or go ahead and pump again like Monday & Tuesday and check my EQ tonight for a read on tomorrow.

Also pumpers, I have looked at a lot of logs and routines, but am not quite sure how many days on/days off you are going with your pumping routine.


Pumping . days on and 2 days off is a reasonable routine. But you are possibly overdoing things by jelqing after pumping. The result of that is often a fluid buildup .

The slight pain you speak of is probably due to you overworking things and the very hard erection is straining the ligaments

So I suggest do not do jelqing immediately after pumping. make it a different session eg pump in the morning and jelq in the evenings - or vice versa.

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