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Too much girth???

Too much girth???


Sorry if this has already been covered, but I was wondering if anyone thinks that a 7” girth is much too much, I mean will it make her scream for all the wrong reasons : ). I am already at 6” but I figure with a circumference that big, I could satsify anyone, even if i lost a little after I stopped doing the exercises. Any thoughts…

I can resist everything except temptation...

I think It really depends on what you are looking for. I mean what is your length goal? If it is really long you may want to chase some more girth with it.

For me the whole arguement over whether it is too big and geeting forced out of sex and blow jobs really doesn’t apply in my case. Or so I like to believe (delude?) myself.

I am really tall. Super right of the bell curve. Girls that are interested inb me assume I have a submarine toropedo downstairs. Biy will they be disappoimted. So I am here. The bigger it looks on a really tall or heavy frame is the key. Having a near 6 inch flacid on a 5’8” frame with little body fat looks amazing. Yet take that and give it to a seven footer and it is not as impressive.

So for me my dream size would be 12 by 8. I really don’t think I will get it though. About the same odds as the Big Game Mega Millions or Powerball, yet I still play them. LOL! I think I need about a 7” girth to be happy. At least 9” in length and I can die content.

But I think it really has to do with your height, frame, weight, and more. If you are girthy or long and that gets out you attract an ew audience that replaces those lost from being too wide or long.

Do I may sense or am I talking out my ass again?

Please tell me. Thanks TT

Damn Jearl you lucky bastard. I would give my left nut to be in your delimma. Anyways to answer your question, I think it depens on the girl. Overall though I wouldnt go over 6.25 or 6.5. According to the lifestyles penis size survey you are already in the top 2% in girth.

Is 6” your starting girth or have you made gains? If you are just starting you may find that gaining that much girth is a lot more difficult than you imagine. Also what is your present length?


Pffft! Think about it - do you really WANT a woman who has to have 7” of girth for her pleasure? And girth is only one aspect of the sensations a woman receives. 6” of girth or more is plenty. I’d suggest you work on technique and personality (not making a personal judgment of you) because you have enough in the girth department. You’ll never be all things to all women, so stop while you’re ahead. You can only fall behind at this point (mentally).

to Jearl

Listen to BusterHymes; he is 100 % correct.

"Without a struggle, there can be no progress" Stephen Douglas

As far as I know, once you have the girth it is there for good. You can always do girth training at a later date, once you have it, no turning back. So be very, very sure that you want a 7” girth for the rest of your life.

Twatteaser: I am 6’3” tall. I agree whole heartedly in the proportion thing. I average 5”s for a flacid length. It doesn’t look tiny on me, but it doesn’t look especially big either. You have to deal with the same issue, but in spades.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanx guys...


I’d like to thank you guys for your responses. As for your questions bogava: I started off at 5 5/8” in girth, my present erect length is 6 5/8” bone pressed. As it stands, I have no issues or hangups and I like to think I’m a nice guy and can please women with my present size. BTW, guys, I totally agree with your talk about dimensions, I’m 5’9 tall and about 175, so I probably look better then the tall guys just because the proportions are different, not becasue we are actually different in size. As for my goal length, 7-7.5” bp because then i can bury it but still be deep. As of right now, my goal erect girth would now be 6.25-6.5” at the thickest point due to your advice.


Do any of you guys think that i could gain that inch in length mostly through jelquing, I just really don’t like stretching for long periods of time. Thanx.

I can resist everything except temptation...

Good luck with your goals Jearl I hope be in your shoes someday.

I have a few questions.
What was your routine and how long have you been PEing? When do you take rest days?
How old are you?



In response...

Hey bogava,

Thanx for the kind words, I’m sure you will obtain your goals too and be happier (not to say you are unhappy now) because of it. In response to your questions:

1) I can’t really give you one definite routine because I mix it up every three months to keep things a little more interesting. For example, now, after a 2 week layoff, I am starting up just jelquing and stetching about 25 minutes max per day, 5 days per week, while later in the year i will be working out on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays on which i work out for about 40 minutes doing stretches, jelqs, bends and the sadsak exercise for the head (Doing this workout for 2 months added about half an inch in girth). Anyway, the point is, I use varying intensitry vs. time and I find alternating routines gives good responses and you don’t get stuck in a rut.

2) In response to the second part of your question, I have been PEing off and on (mostly off) for about 8 months, but I have decided to buckle down recently and work it for a year to see some real results. As for rest days, I take a varying schedule, I won’t work more then 5 days a week, but I won’t work less then 4 days either, so I use different scheduling systems in order to acheive the greatest benefits. And finally, as for my age, I am a 19 year old guy. I hope these answers are satisfactory…

I can resist everything except temptation...

Thanks Jearl,

Just one more thing, what are sadsak excercises?

Go to the bottom of the screen to where there is a shitload of links. Look up PE Archive and you should find it in there plus a ton of ancient yet cool shit. Bib (biggere) is in there too. Cool read.

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