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Too much girth for oral


miami, your other thread reminded me of this post — I just was able to track it down and thought it went well here too…dunno, something to think about:

tntjockey - The ideal 8x6

Originally Posted by tntjockey
Just because a lot of guys around here think that size maybe ideal doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Most of the guys that think it is are no where being near that size. Ask the 8x6er’s about blow jobs. I bet they feel teeth. Ask if they get a lot of anal. Hell no. So how ideal is 8x6? They may have great vaginal sex, but ideal to me is to the sex best sex in all the orifices.

My goal was 7.5 BPEL X 5.5 EG which I thought, and still do, is ideal. Guess what, I over shot my goal. I am 8.125 BPEL X 5.8 EG. My girth was too much for my wife to handle. From having sex almost every night to almost no sex at all. The quality of blow jobs went down, I started to feel teeth, a lot. A sharp tooth will turn an erection to a turtle, and I loved the blow jobs before the girth. I can’t stick all of my dick in my wife cause the base of my dick is well over 6 inches. I used to love touching pelvic to pelvic. Be careful what you wish for. My wife and I were PEing together (her helping me) to customize my dick, only to be told that I wasn’t PEing for the both of us, but for my ego. We went from having a lot of sex fun to a lot of arguments about sex, because it was to fat for her or, hey watch the teeth. I haven’t PE’d in over 7 months hoping I would loose some girth gains. Guess what, my girth gains cemented, I was hoping to go down to 5.5 EG.

Justlearning pick a realistic goal and go from there and see and feel what is good and ideal for you in what you feel with women and how women feel with you. Ideal and satisfaction as far as feeling goes work hand and hand. Bigger is not necessarily better.

What should not be overlooked in this zeal for 8 x 6 and Deep Throating is the fun of having got to that size goal, and the joy of a “knob job”, and being licked. :)



I had 6” midshaft girth before PE and suspect this is one reason that I’ve always found blowjobs to be underwhelming. Women typically can take in the head (which is a smaller girth on me) and another inch or so, and that’s it. Teeth are often involved, and jaws get tired quickly.

But as avocet suggests, it’s still a lot of fun if she’s passionate about what she’s doing and works well with her hands ;)

That’d make girth even more of a problem wouldn’t it? Because you are getting teeth, when she wears that thing she will be able to fit even less of your unit in her mouth?

For example if she can only take 6 inches without teeth, wearing that she might only be able to take 5.8?

Originally Posted by destination8x6

Ever been to the opera? Some of those singers could fit a football in there!

I need to check out student parties at the opera school.

regards, mgus

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