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Too many erections


Originally Posted by grower2shower
Just ride it out.

Erections are like women. When they are always around, you get annoyed.. When they leave, you would pay money to get them back.

I like this quote is funny and the

I just tuck in my boners when they are in public, happens alot :) I’m 20


Agreed, enjoy your boners! They are fun! I used to get them hardcore when I was 19, like.all of the time. Hahaha! If you have to hide them, just sorta.hide them, you know what to do. Tuck em in

No such thing as too many boners. You won’t be saying that years from now. Count you blessings sir, being 21, I wish I had your problem.

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Just point it up and wear a baggy t-shirt.

Hopefully soon after much PE your boners will impress the ladies and you can just show them off instead of hiding them. Haha!

That’s true!!
I would like to have the same problem of you .. :-P

Originally Posted by marinera
You are 19. Not having boners all the time: this would be a problem. :)


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