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Too early to pump

Too early to pump

I’m new (three weeks) to jelqing (2 days on, 1 day off), and I’m eager to try pumping. I would like some opinions on whether it’s too early to start even a light routine of pumping. Has anyone had any successes with starting pumping early?

When I started pumping, I didn’t even know what jelqing is. I just pumped.

You can start whenever you are ready.



Go ahead and try it. As long as you start out easy there shouldn’t be too much potential for harm.

Left but back, just don't feel right without it.

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The worst part of the Newbie Routine: it is so boring in comparison to the exotic techniques available for PE. I am also eager to try the more complex techniques but there are too many TP success stories of men building bigger penises with their bare hands. I have learned that the advanced techniques are there for us when we hit a plateau. I’m not saying it is too early for you to pump, I am just saying don’t give up on the Newbie Routine too soon for the wrong reasons.

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I don’t want to give up on jelqing, I want to do both. Pumping just makes SO much sense in that it expands the penis evenly in all directions.

I am convinced pumping is helping me grow. I also incorporate jelqing in my routine.
The look, feel and weight of the post pump thickness is awesome. I know it is improving my flaccid as well.

Good luck.

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Right. At the very least I would like to experience that post-pump weightiness I hear so much about.

That post pump feel is addicting. After some not so regular pumping a couple of months ago, I have been pretty regular the last few weeks and I am starting to see a fuller flaccid the next day. It stays full and heavy for a couple of hours after pumping. It then goes back to normal. The last two days it seems heavier and fuller when I wake up in the morning and makes my flaccid hang better all day.

Good luck in your venture into pumping. I have been pretty much following Pumping 101 in the Pumpers Forum.
The lower pressure ( 3-4 ) is working just like advertised.

Current 01/14 BPEL 6.375 - Flaccid 3.50 (**now 4.5 as of 7/1/14)

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