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Too early to be using ADS device

Too early to be using ADS device


I never really got into the newbie routine because whenever I started I would just
Find my self unable to sustain an erection or with a willy that felt dead and lifeless

I recently bought a penimaster and I am wondering would it be bad if I jumped straight into
That instead of doing a newbie routine for a couple of months?

Cause even with the penimaster I find my willy comes out dead and lifeless, it’s very depressing

And with the penimaster I seem to get a very cold willy after about 15 minutes , and wouldn’t a 15 minute
Stretch in the ads just be the same as a manual stretch held for along time would this be considered over training for a newbie because it’s not really building new cells cause there is not enough time to, or maybe that doesn’t make sense, ooh will I ever get passed day one:(

Should I continue using the penimaster or should I stop and try a very light newbie routine?

Neither are mutually exclusive- try doing the newbie routine early in the day then try the ADS for the periods that you can stand without scary pain/ discomfort. You will get a little cold, and after time you’ll learn to parse what scary cold is from stretching cold.

In my opinion, DON’T try to max out the ADS stretch, particularly in the opening act. You want to g-e-n-t-l-y maintain a stretched state for t-I-m-e, not try to turn your PM into a REDI-stretcher. ADS is not the same as a manual stretch session- the degree of tension/ torque is utterly different [read less ]with an ADS.

Do both and make haste slowly. Warmup, jelq, stretch and ADS as best you can- think of you ADS as your bonus PE.

Length and luck.

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Ok, thanks for the help

Think I just gotta take it really really slowly:)

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