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Too damn aroused

Too damn aroused

Hey guys,

I’ve been starting the newbie routine (or at least trying to start it) and I have a hard time maintaining a semi-erection for the jelq. The hot cloth warm-up already seems to get me somewhat hard, and when I start to jelq, forget it, it’s 100% erect. Is it just a matter of time and experience or is there some way to counter such inconveniences?


time and experience, also watch something on the tv to take your mind of it lol

You get used to it. It was like that for me a few times, so I would stop and do some stretches if I was able to. A few times I just had to stop, and take a break.

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I try to do jelqs with no erection, I usually get semi-erect and stay that way.

Like Corvo said, you’ll get used to it, just be patient. This used to happen tome as well, but thankfully no longer does.

Something what I do (which I read somewhere on this forum) is hold a kegel REALLY HARD for as long as you can- that usually gets me down. Perhaps it’s having to concentrate on clenching really hard, I don’t know, but it usually works for me.

Long time ago before I found thunders I used to PE just so I can masturbate afterwards with a much harder penis and it felt great. You will get used to controlling it and I think this is one of the big advantages of PE exercises. It will help you control the level of sensation during sex also so you can last longer.

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