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Too Big

Too Big

Hey, I started P.E. Seriously about a month and a half ago, and my starting measurements were 7 13/16” BPEL and 5 3/4’ EG, which from what I’ve heard is a little on the large side, since I’ve started a P.E routine I’ve grown to 8” BPEL and 6” EG. I was wondering if any of the senior members had any thoughts on if its a good idea to continue with P.E. I see some of the senior members with 7.5 BPEL and saying that they’re done with length gains for now. I’m all for having a big member (who isn’t?) But there must be other factors, health risks, nerve damage perhaps. Just really looking to get educated on the subject of being big. I do P.E not only for size gains but also to maintain good penile health, it is my favourite organ after all! :P Before you send me to a newbie thread about all the basic stuff please know I’ve read them all, and I’m looking for a more in depth discussion. Cheers!

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Nice size, do you currently have problems with your girlfriend regarding your size?

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

Fotos y progresos avantasia

There are many many threads about that - just look at the bottom of this very same page. The reason you haven’t found them is that the topic doesn’t belongs to the newbie section.

You’ll get a lot of several different answers about that - there are guys who believe that you can’t ever be too big, like bodybuilders who say that a 25” upper arm is nice for everybody and gives no disadvantages.

As a guy who was never obsessed with size, what I can say is that many of the women I’ve been with do prefer a smaller size then mine. I hardly can have sex with my SO. Time ago I had sex with a very petite mom, who has a fetish for big penises (or more likely the cuckold has and she wants to make him happy). She wanted it ‘all deep inside’, and pushed like a hell (she was an ex gymnasts, petite but stronger than a wrestler); I got a strained tunica and I’m having an hard time getting it hard when aroused, even with cialis - and several months have passed.

Interesting note: we do have a few female members; one of them, when asked about, said the perfect size for her was 8x6. Since then, 8x6 has become the ‘golden ratio’ of PE. :)

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Why did you have a hard time with cialis?

Because the problem is in the TA, not in the CC, I suppose.

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