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To wet or dry jelq That is the question.


To wet or dry jelq That is the question.

Basically the title states the question. Just curious to see what everyone’s opinion is. Do you see more results from one or the other? Plus I am circumcised and was wondering if one was better than the other depending on whether you are cut or not?

I’ve been struggling quite a bit with my wet jelq technique (uncircumcised). It seemed like my erection level would drop after 10-20 jelqs and I had to beat it back up again.

What I started doing a couple of weeks ago was mixing the wet jelqs up with some dry style jelqs as soon as the erection started to subside. This has allowed my erection to stay at a constant level throughout the entire set since the dry style jelqs seem to be pushing blood into the penis in a more efficient way.

I think circumcised fellows might have an easier time doing wet jelqs.

Maybe I’ll switch completely to dry jelqs which will also save me from the mess created by having lube all over the place.

I’ve done both. Dry for about 2 months and wet for about 1/2 year. After some problem, I’ve decided to do only dry. It works better for me.

I had the same question when I started to do Newbie Routine. I suggest You to decide by Your own which one You would like to do. No one will do it for You.

As of now I feel like the dry jelq technique works best. It just seems like I get better expansion especially at the glans. I’m just curious to see what others say. Thanks for the replies.

Dry jelqing is generally considered to be more intense than wet jelqing. It would be better to wet jelq at first until your penis is more conditioned to PE.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Also, I heard that dry jelqing is especially to target girth whereas wet jelqing also targets length.

Start 08/01/2013: BPEL 6.50 EG 5.70

First goal: BPEL 7.00 EG 6.00

With dry jelqs in my routine I gain now mostly in girth, so maybe You are right.

Dry jelqs always tear up my skin, and wet jelqs did as well until I backed off the intensity and now they are great.

I use hot water from my bath and soap and it works perfectly.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Dry jelqs are PAINFUL !!! , I do them wet and if I keep a tight grip I get a good expanshion.Do most guys feel dry is better for girth ?

Dry isn’t painful at all!! Your not rubbing the skin the same as you do with a wet jelq. Your grip never loses contact with its starting position on your skin. All your moving is blood.

I f you can follow this ,good. Two positions required in the jelq, whether wet or dry; the base position and the final position just below the corona of the glans. In wet jelqing you can start at the base and with adequate lub, simply slide to the position just below the glans. In dry jelqing you cannot start the jelq at the base. The dry jelq assumes that you have plenty of skin that literally folds over itself to accomplish the total shaft distance from base to glans. With your penis un-retracted and in a normal semi erect state you find the skins equilibrium point about two thirds up from the base to lightly form your overhead OK grip. On myself, this point is about an inch below the glans. Test slide to the base. You should get there without unduly pulling on the upper end skin of the glans. Now, without releasing your grip, move outward to the glans final position. If you can move comfortably to the two positions you have found the right “skin equilibrium” point for you . If not make an adjustment. You will always start your jelq from that point on the shaft and with very light pressure when you arrive at the base you clamp to whatever higher pressure you require and move to the glans.

This was my answer on another thread—maybe helpful. With good technique, dry is better for the un-cut.

I am cut, and really only do wet jelqs. I have tried dry, and did not like them. At all. That is the short answer for me.

I find dry literally impossible. Its ALL SKIN pulling. Uncut here.

Howardson, I think I get what you mean, and I kinda figured that part out by myself,, but going by what you said, a dry jelq simpley can not be done base to gland..?

Unless you have a LOT of loose skin, right ?

Glans is not jelqed actually. It would be pretty much no point anway, IMO.

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