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To V or not to V?

To V or not to V?

Several places on TP I read that jelqing works because you deform or compress your CC chambers and that v-grips (or over-handed, open ok grips) may be preferable because they don’t work your CS directly - this was spoken like it was a good (desirable) thing with the added benefit that you stay away from messing with your dorsal nerve bundles). Obviously that’s opinion but..

1) IF you agree with the above assumption, is it because you think the CS isn’t similarly stimulated to grow by being deformed or compressed?
2) Assuming the CS isn’t affected by jelqing (at least to the degree CC tissue is), is it because it’s a different tissue type or enervated with blood in a different way than the CC chambers or something unknown?
3) If the CS isn’t affected by being deformed or compressed, what do you think causes the CS to grow with the rest of the penis if it’s not being directly worked?

The reason(s) we don’t advocate the okay grip anymore is/are:

It puts a dangerous amount of pressure on the cs and glans therefore creating a higher risk of traumatic injury.

It also can aggravate the nerve bundle you speak of.

I think the cs grows in the same manner as the cc. You can enlarge your cs if you are careful about it. I’ve found that no matter how I jelq, I still get some expansion in the cs. As a result, over the last few years my cs has doubled in size. It’s almost if not more than an inch wide at the base tapering to about a half inch below the glans. So to directly answer your question, the cs is in some way affected by jelqing.

Wait just a second here:

ok grip is not advocated anymore and V-grips are?
Is there a diagram for the v-grip?

The OK grip and the overhand OK grip have never been a fully circular grip, it’s a method of describing something that lacks in some respects but immediately gets the shape in people’s heads. Going back at least 15 years, the best descriptions of the OK grip have been to apply pressure to the sides more than the top and the bottom, for the reasons William describes.

It doesn’t matter if you go around with a full loop in your grip or not as long as the pressure is to the sides and the grip is at best full in the sense that it completes a circle but not full in the sense that it applies equally pressure. If your fingers touch at the bottom of an overhand OK or if they are held parallel won’t make much of a difference dependent on how the force is applied.


It’s sensible to minimise force to the dorsal nerve which is located on the top of the shaft close to the surface and likewise the CS is not as tough as the CCs, contains the urethra and is separately supplied by blood so the more pressure you put on it the more force will be applied to the glans, even when the stroke is further down the shaft. You can test this by putting pressure on the bottom of the shaft and seeing exactly how moving blood up the CS impacts the glans. Clearly you can’t avoid these areas completely but you can be cognisant of the risks by knowing the anatomy and work to avoid injury. You may want to impact the glans, in which case, the top of the CCs which provide the harder layer within the glans and the CS might be sensible to target. The CS will grow and putting pressure on the bottom of the shaft may well cause it to grow faster than the CCs, producing a rounder shaft or a shaft with a noticeable bulge running along the length at the bottom.

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Thanks G263 & Memento - that helps and makes much more sense. As Ed726 asks, are there any videos (or stills) of v-grip jelqing out there? I accidentally happened onto a v-grip while I was jelqing that seemed really effective (perhaps too effective because I then lost all my gains - that or I did too much stretching too soon - either way I’ve put myself on a deconditiong break for a week or two and will be starting back very slowly). Just want to make sure one does it right although your explanation really helped.

The videos show a grip using an OK with pressure mostly on the sides. You can see that from the placement and response.

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