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To tell or not to tell


My girlfriend was the one who got me to come to thunder’s. Not because she thinks I need a bigger penis, but because she knows if I couldn’t find a “natural” way of enlargement I would’ve resulted in surgery.

The reaper cannot claim you if the reaper cannot catch you.

I recently injured myself clamping, so my wife has questions about how the whole PE thing and is it worth the novelty. She still supports me, but during sets, she constantly asks if I’m okay, or is everything alright. What is nice about her knowing about me PEing is that when we are talking in bed, she will pull on it, and I mean pull and this maybe after sex or before.

What is really awesome and I wanted to start a thread on this, but I will post it here. When I edge, I do it clamped. I’m talking hard pipe dick. My wife is the one who edges me by licking me. Once she gets me to the point, just right under the glands (the ‘V’ area) where the frenum is, becomes so sensitive that it take a quick touch, and if it is a tongue that is the ultimate is a awesome feeling. It can last awhile if one is disciplined including the one who is edging you. My wife gets a kick out of it cause she says she likes to see my eyes roll back when with the lick. She also tells me that she has me where she wants me and anytime she wants she can ignite the dynamite. One thing I don’t recommend is to cum while being clamped, cause I feel it can affect the prostate.

I definitely think this is something id never tell a soul accept you guys.. And it took me a while to even admit to myself that I was actually going to talk to some one about my penis. I looked at the forum for almost a week before I said fu ck it I’m gonna say something.


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