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To shave or not to shave


To shave or not to shave

Do any of you shave your pubic hair to make it look bigger ? I’m thinking about it, but I’m not sure if that’s a manly thing to do

HeHe, you’ll find most, or at least a lot of the members here shave. It’s alot easier for jelqing

when there’s a smooth surface to work with. And yes, I suppose it makes you look bigger also.

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I started with shaving just the base of the shaft. After a while I shaved my balls. Finally I just shaved it all. Takes just a little bit getting used to, but now I really like it.

I shave around the base and balls, about once a week. I trim the rest with scissors every few months. Completely shaven freaks my wife out. She says it looks too juvenile, and I agree. I like a little bush left on my women as well.

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I hate the In-grown hairs when you shave!

I find that I only get ingrown hairs if I go against the grain, thus I go with the grain.

'Life is too short to be Grumpy, always look at the silver lining, and stay focussed.'

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There are other possibilities between shaving and not shaving. Consider trimming. You can trim to whatever length you want. Trimming is also much lower maintenance than shaving.

Some level of trimming or shaving is useful for PE. The hair can get in the way.

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I remember surprising my ex girlfriend by shaving just the base and the balls.
I was wondering what she would say. When she saw it she went : ohh my god how big !!

Hehehe I was so proud.. So I guess yes it make it look bigger.

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Yep, most around these parts shave. It makes doing PE much easier and many find that they simply like being shaved.

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I wax sometimes. Usually, I do not take all the hair off. I have at times, but more often I do a sort of wax trimming. It is not difficult, but it does take more time than I figure shaving would. Yet after waxing, the hair regrows to the surface slower, unprickly, often finer, and sometimes sparser. Ingrown hairs can arise, but it has been easy for me to free them; keeping the skin surface clearer of dead skin helps prevent them.

I shave at the base, I have to to get the hair out of the way for PE.

I also do some anti-turkey neck stretches to keep the hair where it belongs.

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I shave the base about once a week. I shave everything else about one a month. My pubes don’t grow very fast.

Jelquing with hair on the base hurts.

I shave the top and sides of my shaft, the top and sides of the base, and my fat pad every day. If I skip a day, I can really feel the stubble around the base of penis and it is annoying at best, painful at worst. I cannot shave my balls or the underside of my penis, but I do lightly trim them from time to time. I use an electric razor. I do have a constant slight irritation at the base of my penis on the top, which I think is a combination of skin stretching from the exercises and the shaving. A healing vitamin E lotion may help with that.

I’m interested in finding out if anyone uses Nair or Neet or any products like that to remove hair from their nether regions.

This has made my PEing much better: I used to have terrible problems pulling hairs when stretching and Jelqing, but not anymore. It also definitely makes my penis look bigger. I really thought my wife would have said something, but she does not seem to have noticed.

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