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To shave or not to shave

Tweezing takes longer for the hair to grow back because you ripped the root out. When you shave the root is still in your skin and just grows back. Tweezing is definately worth it, and the pain isn’t that bad, stretch the skin and pluck in the direction that its pointing and it comes out easy. Trimming them short makes it even easier. I only completely tweeze the shaft, and leave some hair everywhere else.

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Originally Posted by isedeasy
Is there anyone who shaves regally

I typically don a jeweled crown when I shave, does that count?

<<<It was doubly great when she shaved everything, except for a fluffy little triangle up top. Wow, did that skin-on-skin contact feel good. It was a whole new sensation since one or both of us usually had hair in those areas.>>>

Oh yeah!!! ditto ditto ditto!!! My girl gets her poon “Brazillian” waxed which basically means everything, from asshole to belly button. When I’m clean shaved and she’s fresh waxed it’s like *heaven*….a holy communion of fat pad and baby’s ass girlie sex flesh. Try it once and you’ll never go back. SHAVE!!!! But shave frequently and scrub the pube region with a loofah as it really cuts the rash business out of the picture. I don’t itch anymore at all no matter what stage I’m grown out to. I really did at first though.

I’m also looking into getting a home waxing kit so I can do myself. It takes a long time to grow back if you wax.

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Yes, shaving is good. It is itchy as hell for the first few days, but it will subside after a while (shaving daily). I also use the Mach 3 blade. Shaving the jewels is almost easier than around the base of the shaft in my experience.

Yes, the scrotum is pretty much impossible to cut, in my experience, with a regular old razor of any sort. And it doesn’t get ingrowns (and red, irritated skin) like the rest of the pubic area.

I’ve been shaving all over - arm pits, legs, tummy and crotch since the age of 13. I just hated the sight of pubic hair, it just out of control! I’m now 28 and have never gone back to the ‘pubic look’ and don’t intend to.

At first, I was sore for 3 days from my very first shave but after that, I shaved every other day and have so since without no problems. The scrotum is easy to shave if you pull the sack up and spread it with your fingers then shave the direction of the hairs. For a finer shave, shave against the hair after you’ve shaved with the hair.

I’ve tried tweezers, but this just caused ingrown hairs and was really painful when the inflamed area swelled up with the infection. I’m contemplating having it all lazered off in the near future when I’ve gained a good inch or so, one of my ex-girlfriends had her pussy lazered and man, the results were amazing! She felt SOooo smooth!

Just thought I’d add my little bit to the thread.


I just shaved all my pubic hair and my electric razor somehow flew across the bathroom and landed in the toilet… It sucked. And I cut myself. Life is hard man… I hate shaving.

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Epilady! :homer:

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is epilady good or bad?

Hair clippers dedicated to keeping pubic hair in check works for me well. I do not clean it all off but keep it very very trim where it is close to nothing.

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I try to shave every day, using conditioner as mentioned above. I put some face lotion on it afterwards when I remember to, and that seems to work well.


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I trim!

Bj’s are great!

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Yeah, I have been shaving down there for a while. It’s ok, but then it grows back thicker on the shaft. I am considering waxing. Can anyone suggest a good self-waxing kit.

Also, what about aesthetics.should I have up to my tummy or what?

I prefer tweazing. I try to tweaze about once every 2 weeks. The only problem is it takes me a while. I usually have to set aside 30-45 minutes.

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Try a Buck knife and Nair. Seriously the Mach 3 works well for me also.


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