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To memento

To memento

Hey memento or any1 out there,
what is the correct grip to jelq just the underside of the penis? As u know about my condition, the ED n all that, I think u wud be able to answer that. I use an underhand ok grip, is that ok?


Its the use of 1’s for ‘one’ thats a problem there :) makes it a lot harder for any translation software to work :(

You are going to have to experiment to find a good grip. Any grip you use is going to effect the whole penis just to a different extent. I’d suggest trying an overhand ok but rather than concentrating on the sides (as is very easy with this grip), try to put more pressure on the bottom.

btw there are a lot of guys on this forum who will have read your other thread and have more experience of jelqing than me (the man in the post above for example :) ). By titling your post as you have, I think you limit your chances of them answering.

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