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To Count or Not to Count

To Count or Not to Count

Popping my posting cherry here, so if my idea’s seem a little incoherent.. Be gentle. I’ve been reading thread after thread for the past few months and slowly developing my understanding of PE so I can better equip myself for the tasks at hand. As a newbie the fundamental rules that I have discovered have been mostly; to take your time, build your routine slowly, and listen to your body. But as I read on I find one loop hole, almost everyone (as far as I can tell) either counts reps or times their routine. I think this to be some what contradictory to the basic rules. If I set a goal for 50 jelqs or 15 min. Of stretches, I’m no longer listening to my body, and I feel this to be one of the root causes of injuries. If your dick hurts after 13 min. How often do you just say screw it and tough out the last 2, only to find yourself walking around all day with a sprained wang? Since I have started I can’t say I’ve ever really counted a rep. Or kept track of the time. All in all I can assume I’m at it about 20-25 min. A day but I can’t really give you a hard number. I know when I’m at my limit, and I find that when I reach it, and stop, that’s when I can FEEL the progress. I feel heavier. I’m more aware of my dick through out the day. I would really like to know your opinions on this. Are there others out there that don’t count or time themselves? Why do you count? And so on. I only wish to know so I can help better the art for anyone and everyone with an inquiring mind.

P.s. This has to be, hands down, the best community of like minded people I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work to everyone involved, and happy gaining.

The Community is great isn’t it? Even if you don’t PE, it’s just a great site.

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I don’t count I just keep an eye on the clock and try to fit my routine in a certain time. I never really had a set routine I would start out jelqing and than just get into the groove and go with the flow.

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I try to go by count and time. Warmup always goes by time, a minimum of 5 minutes, but usually 10-15 minutes. I will go longer if my dick doesn’t feel relaxed enough. My stretches tend to go by time, but I quit once my wrist or hand starts to bother me (if it happens before the time is up, I have injured my wrists and hands multiple times lifting). I jelq 500 times, or if my dick gets tired quicker, I quit (hardly ever happens, usually just take a break anyway unless I just can’t take any more).

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You have to find your own pace in this. Counting or watching the clock. I did want Dino did.

How much time do you have for this? (Figure that out.) Fit it all in.

Re: Heating a cock through
I doubt that there is one here at our site that doesn’t heat through thoroughly in just a couple minutes. Some of you spend too much time heating and not enough time pulling. :)



I watch the clock religiously when I stretch and I try to keep count when I jelq. I always end up screwing the jelq counting part when I count 77, 78, 79, 70…. wait was it 80, ummm lets just say 70 to be safe. Can’t tall you how many times that’s happened.

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I can never commit myself to doing say 5 min. Of SO stretches, than 5 min. Of A stretches than 5 min.. And so on. I have a tendency to just start stretching. This way, that way, stretching is stretching in my mind, and if I can get in around 20-25 min. Of good stretching I feel good. Same with girth work, I jelq, than Uli, than do some squeeze jelqs, never really doing a set number of anything. I find the constant changes less taxing on my hands and actually help me stay hard for the long hauls.

Granted I have only been at it a few months, I may be missing the boat entirely. Maybe a well structured routine with a set number of reps and a time table is the best way to maximize my gains. It’s to early to tell.

Originally Posted by Marc678816
I watch the clock religiously when I stretch and I try to keep count when I jelq. I always end up screwing the jelq counting part when I count 77, 78, 79, 70…. wait was it 80, ummm lets just say 70 to be safe. Can’t tall you how many times that’s happened.

Hahaha. Happens to me all the time. I do the same. Id rather do more than less. I watch tv or porn to get softer or harder respectively, and when watching, I’ll lose count.

August 2008: NBPEL 4"

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