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To all the veterans

To all the veterans

I did want to whack this thread into the main forum as it’s for the veterans of the PE community, but I don’t have the privileges .. Yet

Well I just wanna say I have seen alot of inspiaring threads and pics from long time PE’ers, I realise that I lucky for what I have but any man would want a larger penis I think it’s in are blood lol.

I was sceptical at first when I heard you can gain this and you can gain that, but spending afew hours reading this quality forum and seeing pics to prove gains, I feel it shows that you can do anything if you want it enough.

To get to my point, I have so much respect for you people who have been in a routine for over a year or more, I just hope I have the same attitude towards PE in a years time as I do now. I feel that the things that you people have achieved is amazing and it just proves that


I hope that in a years time I have kept it up and can post a pic to go along with all the others which proves that PE is amazing

Starting stats BPEL:8" EG:5.38" ________________________ Target BPEL:9" EG:6.5"

Thank you and goodluck isedeasy. :)

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