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To all: the amount of pressure when jelqing

To all: the amount of pressure when jelqing

I’ve been reading a lot of questions about pressure when jelqing. How much, hard grip or not so hard etc.
Imo the right amount can be felt in the glans.
When jelqing you can feel a build up of pressure in the glans when reaching the end of the shaft. If the pressure is such you need to let go a bit then you’re applying to much, if there is no pressure or just a little then you’re not applying enough.
The build up should be just right, you have to feel that your glans is engorged with blood at the and of each stroke. Hard to explain and impossible to put into numbers but if you try this and concentrate on the feeling you’ll know what I mean.
Hints & tips, hope it’s useful.


I think pressure is slightly different between each man.

It took me around 6 months to get the feel for jelqs or more importantly get the feel of my own
unit. I think that bit comes through with experience.

It can’t really be expressed as much in video tutorials etc.

Well that’s what I think anyhow I guess everyone has there own take.

But I agree with what your saying it sounds spot on bro.

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I find that my base hand(whichever hand is not in motion, but at the base of my rocket) is very important in controlling the pressure, too. If I need to up the pressure during a jelq, I squeeze a bit tighter with the base hand, keeping the blood from flowing out.

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