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To all newbies

To all newbies

Hey guys,

Like all of you I am fairly new to PE and I am very excited. What I wanted to share with you guys is the importance of rest days as well as intensity of your workouts. When I first started PE I was so excited to get a huge dick that I was doing my routine 7 days a week and maybe take an odd day off here and there. By doing this I had a slightly improved EQ but sometimes not even. Recently I have adopted the 2 days on 1 day off theory and cut down on the intensity level of my workouts. Since doing this I noticed a measureable difference in both erect and flaccid size. Also I have been having the best sex of my life on my days off and my confidence took a huge boost. Basically what I am trying to stress is to take it kind of easy at first otherwise the gains or lack of that you experience my be very discouraging, and it would all be because you may be working to hard. If anyone does reply to this please reply with something that you have learned and that may be beneficial to other new users. We are all learning here. Thanks for your time guys and best of luck to all of you.

P.S. Does anyone know a good porn site

P.S. We don’t post porn links here :D

Started: 15.5cm x 12cm, Now: 19.5cm x 13.3cm, Goal: 21cm x 15cm

I'm going to reach my goal, and there is no one who can stop me! Yes, I'm a persistent bastard :D

My Pictures! I am back baby, and I will hang out with my wang out!


Thanks for the input I guess but that was not the main focus of my post.

Less is sometimes more.

In PE, especially in the beginning, that rule is usually even more common due to people’s natural desire for fast results (especially young ones).

BTW, how much has your flaccid size grown?

I’ve just started doing PE couple of days ago (on regular basis.. I’ve been familiar with the streching for a while and was doing it on and off but never consistant.)
I like you read that it’s best to have 2 days work 1 day rest. And thats exactly the plan I am following right now.

Just wanted to also ask.. If I am planning to meet with my girl, should I not PE that day?
Yesterday she noticed a few red spots and was freaking out a little. I don’t want to tell her about me exercising just yet.
The spots are gone by now, and I am resting today.
So should I not PE in days that I am sexually active?
Does it have any effect or the exercise if I do have sex?

Some people say that you stand a better chance of gaining more if you try not to ejaculate frequently.

And you can do PE on days you have sex, but if you get red spots it means you are probably over-training. Try using less intensity.

Well just to say that I started with the newbie routine and because it was too much for me I lost a great deal of EQ and after a week of rest I started with the linear newbie routine, a week later jesus Christ I´m horny all the time, even if I don´t see much difference in the unit.
Listen to your body,
Choose a average erect unit than a large dead one

Rock and roll guys

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