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To All Newbies Starting Out - Read

To All Newbies Starting Out - Read

In a few days time I will celebrate my 6 month PE anniversary. And what do I have to show for it?

A little extra thickness, half a centimetre of extra length, and a chronically sore cock. Why? Because I overtrained for so long.

Allow me to remind you guys that your dick isn’t a synthetic dildo between your legs. It’s a complex web of nerves, tissues, skin, etc. It is minutely and beautifully complex. It looks like this, in fact. Never forget that.

If you overtrain, not only will you hinder your progress, but you may mess things up down there. Perhaps permanently. Perform your PE exercises with precision. Concentrate during your workout. Make every exercise you do a fine art. Stretching isn’t just pulling on your dick, it’s about gripping with the optimum even pressure around the entire penis while pulling out in a specific direction at the optimum intensity. Jelqing isn’t just masturbating in slow motion minus the fully hard cock and ejaculation, it’s sending extra blood into your penis to stretch out the tissues. Precision. Attention to detail. Not wanton manipulation of body parts.

Learn from me, newbies. Take it slow. Otherwise you might be in my position in 6 months time.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

I’m sorry to hear this, oratom. I guess we all learn some things the hard way.

Can you describe your routine and its progression?

Can you describe your routine and its progression?

Newbie Routine for about a month. Saw some pretty good increases in flaccid length and a little in erect length. Then started doing more advanced exercises and overdid it. For the next few months I followed a routine which was too intensive and made my dick almost constantly tired, if not sore. All the while I was wrongly perceiving gains by measuring inconsistently. Just recently I picked up a strange pain down the left side of the back of my dick, so I rested for a week. I started up again and it returned. So I rested another week, then started up. It came back again. So now I am PE’ing still but doing everything very carefully and gently. It seems to be paying off so far, maybe in the future I will get some significant gains.

As it stands, I believe my erect length has increased by no more than 0.2” at the most. Erect girth increases seems to be about the same. Flaccid dimensions have increased by a little more than that, I think.

Looking for that magic 6" of EL...

Progress Report

Good advice, Oratom. I too, hit the 6 month mark this month and I tried my own concoction rather than sticking with the Newbie routine. I rushed it and slowed myself down.

I hope most people will listen, but apparently some will always insist that they are the exception to the rule.

"Debate the idea..."

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