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Tissue Damage side effects from jelqing - brutal penis treatment ?

Tissue Damage side effects from jelqing - brutal penis treatment ?

Dear fellow gainers,
I’m quite new to penis enlargement and try to weigh the benefits and risks of enlargement exercises.
I know that most of you think its very safe or at least the benefits are way more important, otherwise you would certainly not enlarge yourself as well.
I know that tissue damage to a certain extent is a goal for some exercises to gain. But honestly, I treat my penis very gently and am really shocked by the force they are using for jelqing.
Somehow my logical reasoning tells me that this strong pressure is not meant to be used on such a fragile tissue.
Especially in the first video, the grip is very strong and squeezing.

Wet Jelq Video…-standard-video

I know that you 1. Have to start slowly and 2. Use lube, but there is still a bit of fear regarding permanent tissue damage and erectile problems after applying a lot of pressure to a sensitive body part.
Are there any argument to calm me down or convince me ?

Thanks for your patience, I really appreciate all of your kind help.

Just jelq with a light grip (holding an egg), and a low erection level. It won’t give you gains, but will likely result in better erection quality.

Overtime keep the same grip and work your way up in EL until you reach 80 %, monitor your PIs and keep the same great EQ.

By then you will be familiar enough with the exercise to decide what floats your boat.

It is sudden uncontrolled trauma that can result in injury. If you start gently, gradually working up to an increased pressure slowly over time you can feel and sense what is right and this will avoid damage.

Thanks Walter, that seems to be a safe and gentle way.

How long will it approximately take me as an absolute beginner to jelq as hard as in the video ? And, more important, is it even necessary to put so much pressure on the penis or will it also grow with a bit less ?

In most cases, more extreme is not always better results, so that’s also important to know.

You don’t need to jelq this hard, some do and have great results, many overtrain with this. Start gentle and overtime as you get accustomed to reading your body reactions (physiological indicators thread) and you know what feels right, you’ll try new things. It’s always better to stay safe as you intend to .

As a beginner my view is you should become familiar with the exercises, know how to do them properly, and aim for a healthier penis. Gains may come along the way, if not you will increase the intensity, find new exercises etc.. Save this questions for later.

Read the thread on “less is more”, it should inspire you.

Starting a detailed log is a good idea, to keep track of whyat you did , how you responded to the routines, and notice positive or negative patterns in your PE.

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