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Tired Penis

Tired Penis

Hi all , since I started PE one month ago it was 6 inch erect.For a 20 days or so I gained 0.3 inches .. But other problem occurred.I’m not sure if it is mental or physical .. I had a unsuccessful attempt for sex and was feeling awful about it.My penis seems to be somehow tired and erections occur more difficult , can it be that it is tired of my program.. ? It is stretching , jelqing .. Edging (1 day stretching , jelqing and edging , 1 day only edging), and mainly edging which I think is draining somehow the sexual energy.What do you think guys?

Well edging should have the opposite effect - if you don’t ejaculate, it should make you more horny and increase the frequency of erections. But too much can tire out your penis.

My suggestion - take a couple of days off, no PE whatsoever. Give your boy a break.

Oh and you did not say if you did kegels. Kegels do wonders for erections. But don’t overdo them.

Yes , I do and kegels along with edging , but I think I went too far with them and tired the little man so it must regenerate now .. Any of you guys had the same experience?

I think that most of us hire at some time overdid the workouts. Just rest until things return to normal.

Thanks for the advice man , I’m just little concerned that If I rest now I may lose everything I did for 1 month .. But that’s the way it goes I guess.

Don’t worry about it too much - when you resume PE, you will get your gains back. Besides, PE is a marathon, so a few days in the big race won’t make much difference in gains, but they will make all the difference to your penis because if you resume your workout with a tired penis, not only will you not gain anything, your penis may shrink a bit.

So take a little break buddy.

Take a break. Gains lost should come back more quickly to when you compare it to the time you put in to get it in the first place.

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