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Tired of jelq

Tired of jelq

I recently added clamping sessions to my routine cause wet jelqing has no effect on me .
I have done this kind of jelq for almost an year with no gains . I’m tired and angry for the waste of time .
I would like to clamp only and see what happens . No more jelqs .
What do you guys think ?

Thanks a lot


Have you only done wet jelqing, or have you done dry too?

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I think that clamping only stretches the tunica and does not let the CC grow. So if you only clamp, you will get a bigger unit, but a less strong erection also. My advice will be; do not stop jelqing!

And what about the quality of the jelq strokes? Do you jelq “hard” enough?

Good luck man!

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Have you ever tried jelqing while clamped?

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I’ve never tried dry jelqs nor clamped jelqs
I use this method : I stimulate myself until I got an 80 % erection, then I grab the base with my left hand and kegel blood to obtain more engorgement . Then I begin jelqing with the other hand . I don’t know if I jelq hard enough, I feel little pain during the jelq stroke . Do I have to feel more pain ? Do I have to feel no pain at all ?
I go on like this for 20 min, 5 on 2 off .
I’m loosing my motivation and I’m starting to think about it like a waste of time . If there is a secret in jelqing I’ve never learnt it .
To all vets and me!

Thank you


You might be jelqing too fast and/or too soft. Jelq strokes are supposed to last 3 seconds and you might have to grip your penis pretty hard to get the most out of a jelq stroke. It also helps to do dry jelqs instead of wet jelqs, as they’re a bit tougher to do and you can really feel it when doing a stroke (I only wet jelq when my penis gets really dry). Also, I think counting jelq strokes instead of just jelqing until time runs out gives you a full workout. Since I do 400 jelq strokes a session, I count them. Sometimes I can finish it as short as 35 minutes. In other sessions, it took me nearly an hour to finish (I get interrupted way too frequently). I remember when I did quick jelq strokes. I saw no results for it and I did it for a pretty lengthy period of time. After I did slower jelqs over 3 weeks, I at least saw a more prominent vein, so it does work. You might not be doing it right.

I’d say don’t give up on jelqing. Just change around what you’re doing, because something isn’t obviously working.

I had a similar problem but am begining to see results after increasing the stroke to very firm count of five

with a ninety percent erection.

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