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Tired Hands

Tired Hands

Title says it all. My hands start to fatigue bigtime 5-7 mins into my jelqing session. Is this normal? Am I gripping too hard?

Your hands will get stronger.

Next time you shake hands with someone and they have a really firm grip, try not to look down at their crotch and speculate on whether they jelq too.

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^^ Lmao now that is funny just had to post it lmao hahaha and yea your grip will get stronger.see you get a cool kung fu grip out of Peing too

I have the same problem, except from stretching.

Completely normal. I used to joke with my wife that not only was I getting bigger down there - but I was also developing bigger forearm muscles! In fact, the upper body workout I got was very decent overall.

You’ll learn what works, but just try to switch off your hands and shake it off. You might be over gripping or you might just need conditioning - let your EQ tell you which it is.

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I never had that problem. Try to loosen up a bit I guess?!

How long have you been doing PE? I know the first week or so I would get cramps in my hands but after awhile I’m getting used to it. Just take a short break once and awhile, or switch hand positions.

I have square shaped palms, and and people tell me I have a killer grip

And a tip to avoind people ‘squeezing you to death handshake’ is to slightly curl your hand. Then they can only squeeze it in one way, rather than your knuckles squeeze each other in different directions.

Which is what causes the pain.

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The part between my thumb and pointer finger is what gets sore. Not complaining though, just gotta shake it off and get back to work!

I love this place!

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