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Tips to gain length while jelqing.

Tips to gain length while jelqing.

Being a newbie on the linear newbie routine, I’m not stretching too much for the first week or so.
I am however jelqing but I stress it’s not girth I really need or require (6” bpl, 5.5eg) so how can gear my jelqs for length specifically?

By adding a short stretch at the end, by changing grip midway?

Any experiences appreciated thanks.

Jelking at a low erection level gave me some length.

Started: 7-01-05 BPEL 6.50 in NBP 6.00 EG 4.75 in Now: BPEL 7.5 in NBP 7.0 EG 5 inch (midshaft) Goal: Girth!!


It really is best to get your unit ready for more directed exercises later.

Try the Newbie exercises for a month then see how your dick is responfing. You may find that doing something makes you sore. . So it is best to know what your dick can stand before doing spcific exercises, as it may be the one thing you want to do has to be modified. Rather, perhaps, than have an injury , and slow yourself down in your quest.

Be Patient. It’s your best friend!

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Thanks both!

Non Stock I forgot to add I was doing them at low erection level, wet, and at a downward angle but my dick looks fatter and slightly longer already lol. My veins are much more prominent now and after a mere 5 days of PE my gf reacted completely differently in bed last night. Already things are looking up.

All I’m asking for is one inch of length and ill be happy!

Oh just to add having just read what “bone pressed” is it’s 6” EL.

When you jelq pay attention to quality not quantity, try to make every jelq perfect and as a suggestion don’t wait 2 weeks until you start stretching, begin with one easy stretch every direction before you jelq (this is my personal opinion that you need to stretch your penis so that will expand better when jelqing).

01/06/2008 - BPEL 13cm; NBPEL 12cm; EG 12 cm; What will future bring?

03/07/2008 - BPEL 13,7cm; NBPEL 12,5cm; EG 12,1 cm; Does PE work? YESSSSSS IT DOESSSSS

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