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Tips for extra girth

Tips for extra girth

Greetings TP!

Complete newbie here!

As it stands (no pun intended), I am quite content with the length of my penis (about 6” or 15cm on the dot), and although extra length would be nice, that is most definitely not my main concern.

In fact, too much extra length and too little girth growth would probably be detrimental, as I’d run the risk of having a long, skinny penis (never cool.)

My girth is somewhat smallish - around 4.5” I think (haven’t measured in a while, but I can tell you it sort of fits snugly with a bit of room on each side into a toilet roll.)

Should I use any specific methods of PE?

For the most part, I will probably just be using the Newbie Routine, but if someone can offer some more specific advice that would be greatly appreciated :)

Hey bro! Definitely start with the newbie routine, so you don’t go off and brake your dick by doing advanced exercises to early. After a month or two start incorporating more advanced, girth targeting exercises.

But seriously, don’t rush it. PE is a marathon, not a race.

:chicken: My chicken is on the path of becoming a big cock! :rooster:

Jelqing worked fine for me and after I did that for awhile I added some clamping.

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