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Tips for a newbie

Tips for a newbie

I started doing PE off and on a few months ago, and have been pretty consistent with the newbie routine for about 2 weeks now. I lost my initial measurements, but I definitely notice more girth and length when flaccid. I can also see a slight girth and length increase when erect as well. I am currently at 4.5” length/4” girth flaccid and 6.3” length/5” girth erect. My current goal is to gain at least 7” in length when erect and possibly another inch in girth. Another thing I’m concerned about is a very severe leftward curve (I also have a decent upward curve, but I actually like it) when erect. My penis tends to hang slightly off to the left when flaccid too (which could be due to the left testicle hanging slightly more than the right). I’ve had it as long as I can remember, so it’s not a recent occurrence but it has been getting worse.

I’ve been trying to correct the curve by creating an opposing curve when semi-erect, jelqing against the curve, and stretching it more to the right. It seems to be slowly working, but mostly on days when I’m doing the exercises (2 days on and 1 off). What I’m basically looking for are better methods to correct the curve and maybe a more improved exercise routine to gain more length and girth. I have about 45 minutes in the morning and half an hour each night to do the exercises. I can’t order products online yet (will be able to soon though) and don’t have much money to purchase equipment for PE, but I’m looking to create a safe ADS to possibly correct the curve. I would also like to know what equipment is recommended for PE, so I know what to get when I earn some money. Any other tips would be great too!

I know this might be a lot to ask for, but all help is appreciated! Thank you!

Hi there and welcome.

Right now and for the next 3 months you already own the best equipment there is for PE, your hands. We do not normally recommend other types of equipment until you and your penis are conditioned to the exercises. Follow the newbie routine and see what happens with that.

As far as the curve goes, I don’t have any words of wisdom except you are already doing what I would have suggested.

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Originally Posted by fahoogle
My current goal is to gain at least 7” in length when erect and possibly another inch in girth.

Most guys are happy with gaining an inch or two!

As far as equipment that you need? A bit of lube and your hands is about it. Most other stuff you can make on your own to save $ as well. A rice sock for heating up your unit. You can make an ADS on your own as well. For that matter you can even make a bunch of different hangers. Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I’ll be sticking to the newbie routine posted on this site for now I guess. Any tips for creating a simple ADS? Thanks again for the help!

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