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TIP's first post


I overestimated, miscalculated, convinced myself by way of poor measuring whatever you prefer. However my EG is 5 inches not 5.5. However my NBPEL increased by .25 inches to now be at 6.75 inches, not to mention I have stronger erections(didn’t think that was possible I’m 19) and my penis has a more veiny appearance with every PE workout.

Lets remember that I didn’t stick to my routine AT ALL. I did no more than 8 PE workouts since the posting of my “regimen”. However after seeing the difference I’m sticking to it day in day out. however I’m cutting back my stretch time 10 minutes on my off days and individual stretches will only be 30 seconds and and my jelqing will be changed to 120-5second jelqs. Against most peoples advice on thunders in general, I got a cable clamp and will be working my way up to 10 minutes of engorgement on my non jelqing days. As far as kegling goes I decided to hold for 10sec,9sec,8sec, all the way to one and repeat in that fashion for 5 sets everyday whenever I’m ready to.

So here are the stats officially:

The Official TIP regimen before bed:
Stretch Only Day
5 min warm up with 150w heat lamp
10 min of stretching - manual[up/down/left/right/30sec each] jai stretch[1.5min of 3sec/inhale stretch/exhale relax] v-stretch[base/middle/upper glans w/ screwdriver 30 min each] cycled twice
10 min - cable clamped full engorgement
5 min warm down

Stretch/ Jelq
5 min warm up “”
10 min of stretch “” cycled once
120-5sec jelqs trying to maintain 60-70% erection
5 min warm down

My short term goal to be met by January 1, 2006 is NBPEL-7.5” by EG-5.5”

My long term goal is a good question…

Hi, and welcome to the board. :)

And good luck with the gains!

Starting at: ELBP 7.2" / EFL 5" / EG 5.5" ----------------------------------------- 5 months: ELBP 7.8" / EFL 5.5 / EG 5.5" (Cemented now!!!) My next goal is ELBP 8.2" / EFL 6" / EG 5.8", and to straighten my curve out a bit


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