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Tip to base girth

Tip to base girth

This is my first time back after a long hiatus, and the first time I maintained jelqing I noticed visible and feel-able gains, though I never measured my ‘after’.

In any case, I am trying to get back into this all again.

One question, I can’t seem to find this addressed directly, when adding to girth (my primary interest) are there any exercises that aide in gains from base to head? The gains I accomplished a year ago didn’t seem to give me the baseball bat affect, and I’m thankful there, but I would like to know if there is any information on how to counter this.

I would imagine just starting a jelq as close to the base as possible would be the best bet, but any feedback is appreciated.

I would think so.

In case a baseball bat occurs, some peeps recommend doing horse 404s (basically jelqs from the top while trapping the blood at the base).
And some see a connection between horse 404s and discoloration.

It’s your choice :P

I’m usually doing a low-tension version of horse 404s (clamping manually at base, get a partial erection by wanking ;) with the other hand, then pushing the blood down carefully).. Not because I’m afraid of horse 404s (maybe) sideeffects, but just because it gives me good post-jelq (which I did before) extension AND it feels good AND leaves me with a bigger hang.


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