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Tip puffing

Tip puffing

I’m on my second week of hanging and moved up from 5lbs to 7 1/2lbs. On the weight increase I am noticing after 15min session the tip of my penis puffing and red-like. Is this from poor wrapping? Is this normal? Usually goes away after about 5 min or so. Please any info

Since I don’t have much to go on, I’ll use a ‘shotgun’ approach in giving advice, and hopefully some of it will hit the mark and be useful to you.

Never increase more than 1lb a week until you’re over 10lbs. It sounds like you’re increasing the weight too fast. Most importantly, you need to go by feel; if you’re experienced a very mild & dull pain, that’s fine. However, sharp pains are bad—always. Also, you’re barely in your first few weeks of hanging; you need to give yourself time to adjust to the attachment point stress. Its also possible you forgot to squeeze the blood out of your glans before you tightened your hanger. If you did do this, then perhaps your hanger is too lose, which can cause it to act like a ‘noose’, cutting off the blood-flow completely to your glans. The solution to the ‘noose’ effect is to tighten your hanger. On the other hand, having a hanger too tight is also an issue… getting all those factors perfect is hard, and it will keep changing as you increase the weight. In fact, improper hanging technique will truly hold you back once you move to higher weights.

Also, don’t increase weight and the number of sets in the same week. Just increase the number of sets, or the weight; not both. Be patient, be consistent, and reach fatigue early, then ‘ride it out’ in subsequent sets (reducing the weight as needed). During your first few months of hanging, make sure to watch at least a few videos which demonstrate proper hanger attachment technique. It took me a few months just to get my attachment settings right.

While adding 1lb a week or a set per week might not sound like much, with a few months of consistent work, you can be safely hanging plenty of weight (often guys don’t gain much until they hang 10lbs+) and doing plenty of sets. A good starting point is 3-4 sets per day, and most guys start between 2.5lbs to 5lbs (depending on feel, etc). If you don’t increase your number of sets, you could possibly be hanging 10lbs within 5 weeks. However, don’t forget—this is not a weightlifting competition. Ideally, you want to gain as much as possible with the minimum weight required. That’s what riding the fatigue is all about. This is why you want to push yourself enough within the first 2x sets so that in subsequent sets you need to reduce the weight. Anyway, at first I highly suggest you just stick with getting used to the hanger & the settings.

Anyway, hopefully some of this advice hits the mark and good luck with your goals.

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