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Tiny cuts at base of glans or what appears to be cuts due to tight foreskin

Tiny cuts at base of glans or what appears to be cuts due to tight foreskin

I used to have tight foreskin so it’s kind of cut my the base of my glans. The tip of my glands to around the middle is very smooth but then it has little “cuts”.. Wlel I dunno what they are. Lines? I’ve tried googling for what they are.

I’ve came to the conclusion it’s due to my foreskin and when I was younger it used to retract tightly (now it’s all good).

Any ointments I can put on it? Or is this normal?

Mine has those too. I think it’s called dekeratinization or something like that. Personally it doesn’t bother me at all but if you want to change it do a search I remember reading about someone with it on here and I think there is something you can do to get rid of it.

I wouldn’t mind doing something about it. Can’t find much info on dyi methods at home from the net. :(


Try a Google search on keratinization. There may be something there which helps you out.


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I can’t find any help on it. I’ve tried googling and nothing useful comes up. :(

What do you mean by cuts? Stretch Marks? Tears?

I dunno what stretch marks/tears look like.

Hm it just looks like little hm.. Like little marks. It looks fine flaccid but when erect you can see them very clearly at the bottom. The top of my penis is smooth but when I pull it right over the head you can see a lot of them.

They’re like tiny lines I guess. They’re rly visible when I’m erect which is whats annoying.

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