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Tiny blood drop during clamping

Tiny blood drop during clamping

In the higher part of the shaft.. Happened 2-3 times.I think when the pressure was too high

I use clamps with straps.tissue clamps.sometimes I put 3 of them (they actually are used to hold cables) because it is hard to keep the right pressure and tightness
Let me know what to do please.. Oh godddddddddd

I think you need to be a little more specific, bro. You said you had a “tiny blood drop” at the “higher part” of your shaft.

Where on the shaft? Right under the glans? On the glans? Above the midshaft? On a vein?
One drop of blood? Did the bleeding stop after you wiped the drop of blood?
Did you pinch your member when you were clamping or taking off the clamp?
Was the blood the result of too much friction or pressure in one area?

Generally speaking, take a one or two week break from PE. If your condition exists, definitely go see a doctor. Most likely, it’s nothing to worry about.

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It immediately stopped as wiped it off..

It was under the gland, from one of the more superficial veins

I think it was lots of pressure, it was doing the clamp.the first time I experienced it it happened at the 3th set of 10 min.the other times it happened at the second set, and the last time at the first set after 5 min, but I put 3 velcro clamps because I have only them to be sure it was tight enough.and there was lots pressure

It happened in 2-3 occasions in different days

But as I wipe off it does not appear pain nothing

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