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Hey all! This is my first post and I just wanna say that this is an amazing site. I’ve actually known about PE for five or more years, and I’ve been trying it off and on for all those years but to no avail. I would always get a sore near the base (usually from pulling hairs or in grown hairs) that would cause me to stop my routine for several weeks until it healed. That was always a discouraging thing to happen. Another discouraging thing is not knowing if PE will even work. Before I found this site all I had to read for information was a paysite a purchased which had all the workouts and routines and all that jazz, but it didn’t have a place to talk to real people about their gains. This forum does just that, and I’m really excited about starting back up. Now onto my first question…

I’m in the middle of my fifth week of exercises. I started off slow but I’ve reached the following routine:
10 stretch in the morning (M T W Th F) - usually an hour after I wake up
20 minutes jelq in the afternoon (M W F) - usually after I work out at the gym
15 minute squeeze in the afternoon (T Th) - again usually after I work out at the gym

The pay site said I should do it 5 days in a row and take sat and sun off, but I’ve read a few posts on this forum that suggest a (2 on 1 off) or (1 on 1 off). I go to the gym a lot and I know you don’t work ur chest every day of the week or else you will over train. Does the same principles work here? On tuesday (the day after my first workout), I don’t feel like I even worked it out the day before but on wednesday I can deffinetly tell i’ve been doing something. I’m leaning towards the (2 on 1 off) idea, what are your thoughts? I have to take saturday and sunday off because I never get a chance to do my routine on those days, so is four days a week plenty? And one last question, will a 30 minute jelq make that much of a difference over 20 minutes? i’m pretty sure I could handle 30 minutes but i’m usually tight for time. Anyways, I’d love to hear some thoughts and ideas, and be honest about anything you won’t hurt my feelings. Great forum guys! Thanx!!

Also my goal is mainly girth but i’ll take any length that comes with it.

BPEL: 7-1/8”
EG: 5”

I think an every other day PE schedule is the least effective of all schedules. I think your cock has a size memory and in order to alter that memory, the exercises have to be performed on consecutive days. Every other day gives your cock too much time to return to it’s original size. By stringing together consecutive PE days, you can begin building on the previous days stretch and begin altering your cocks size memory to a larger state.

Stick with your 20 minute jelq for now. Just do it more days in a row.

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