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Timing question

Timing question

Sorry if this has been asked before, in fact it has, by me in another thread (I just didn’t get a response). Anyways I have the luxury of being able to do my PE workouts morning and/or night. My current routine is pretty much the newbie one and I’ve been doing it for about a month now (gained about 0.2” already!) I do stretching and jelqing and that’s about it. I want to know if it’s better to do stretching in the morning, and then jelq at night. Or to get it all done at once, or maybe to stretch in the morning, then at night and then jelq! Just wanting to balance gains with safety really.

Thanks for your time.


From my personal experience I can tell you that it is better to do it all at once, because I think the tissues get btter stress that way. All at once works better for me.

Originally Posted by Vehe1
Sorry if this has been asked before, in fact it has, by me in another thread (I just didn’t get a response).

If you don’t get a response, you can either

a) read up - usually frequently asked question are not top priority to answer
b) bump the thread and ask for an answer again. This should only be done once you’ve done your homework.

Starting a new thread to ask a question again should only be done in the case the original thread is unrelated, and you realize that you are off topic.

Read first, ask second. We’re here to help, not to spoonfeed.

regards, mgus

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I am a stretching and jelqing only PE’er. Hmmm.. I have done jelqing and stretching together, while changing the sequence of my routine from time to time. Gained 1inch(ohh.. + 0.4cm:) ) + & 0.5” girth+ last time I measured

I jelq in the morning in the shower for 15-20, then stretch at night. I used to do the opposite, but I want to focus on girth more and I think I do a more powerful, better workout in the morning. I think streatching after jelqing is better, helps me loosen the tissue. I have been doing PE for about a month also, and have gained at least half an inch in length and about the same in girth, maybe more. I attribute this mostly to better erection strength. My head never used to fill up with blood before, and now it does a lot. I had been edging without realizing it was a PE exercise for the last three months to improve staying power, I think that helped me prime to grow.

My stretching responds much better if done after jelqing. Otherwise, it is tough and difficult to stretch.

Well thanks for your input guys, I think ill try “shaking” things up a bit and see what works for me, I’m also going to do a heavy morning workout and then a lighter one in the evening and see how this goes.

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