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Time vs Times

Time vs Times

Which is more effective in 5 minutes stretching:

1. 5 direction @1 minute each, or

2. 5 direction @30 seconds each, do 2 times

30 Seconds

Most postings I’ve read mentions 30 second stretches.

I don’t think that’s been tested, meiya777. Give us a report in a few weeks after trying it both ways.

Personally, I think doing it for 30 seconds twice would be more effective because you would probably pull less hard at the end of the full minute than you would while pulling for half the time with a tiny break between stretches.

The one minute grip will be more effective for various reasons. You will not waste so much time by adjusting your grab, when you have a good grab you won’t need to release it so quickly. I stretch for 3 minutes at each direction for nearly my entire PE time (18 months) with great results. I gained 5 cm in that period.

Aside from those PE related things, when you stretch for longer periods per set, PE will become easier for you. Multitasking will become way easier, your workout time will become less and you won’t give up as easy because it won’t be so boring.

I agree with bird2 here.I have seen the best results from doing long streches,however you have to work up time gradually-but this time I don’t mean your penis but your hands.You really need hand stamina to be able to hold the grip and strech for longer durations.Currently a minute and a half is optimum for me so I can withstand a total of 22 mins strech time.

But believe me,your hands will get stronger through this excercise!

I have found that around 45 seconds is where I start to fatigue, so that’s how long I usually stretch. If the grip is working well I continue to 1 minute.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

meiya, check out bennett18’s routine in the pics forum. He has made exponential gains from short, regular stretches.

I asked a fitness trainer, he told me:

1. If they do heavy-lifting at medium speed, which they won’t hold the weight for too long, it will increase the muscle SIZE more.
2. If they do heavy-lifting and hold it for longer time, it will HARDEN the muscle more.

If they do:
Point 1 only: Bigger muscle size but not so hard (big dick not erect hard?)
Point 2 only: Less in size but very firm muscle (small hard dick?)

So they do point 1 first, then do the point 2. Does this theory applicable to our dick too?

Sorry for my poor English.

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