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Time vs numbers

Time vs numbers

This has always messed me up since I started doing PE a while ago. On the noob routine it says 10 mins of wet jelqing which should give you about 200 wet jelqs. Is it better to go by time or numbering our jelqs. I have always resulted to numbering b/c I would get interrupted, or I would change the video (porn) I was watching or whatever. So for me by the time I actually got done with a ten min wet session i had probably only done about 6 full minutes of it.

Does it really matter?

Do it by number or time. Whichever is more convenient for you. But that 200 jelqs in 10 minutes = 20 jelqs/ minute which is about the correct speed to jelq at. If you are doing 200 jelqs in 6 minutes, then no problems, but have you tried slowing them down a little more to see any difference in effect?

That number is based on the 3 second guideline for each individual jelq, so 10 minutes is maximum efficiency for 200 jelqs.

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I usually go by time because I do not feel like counting.

When I first started out I tried it in the time measures but always failed b/c someone interrupted me or something would happen. I don’t know why but it seems I get interrupted more when i am doing my pe session than any other time during any given day. Haha I find that mildly amusing.

Anyway I think my problem was once I stopped focusing on the time I would go by the number. Which if you are counting 200 times, stroking your penis, watching porn, listening to hear if someone is coming to your room, smoking cigs, and drinking a beer that, that might throw not your number count off but everything. Thats what I used to do every single time I did a pe session was everything I listed there. I have recently quit smoking and only drink beer on a casual note, I no longer listen for someone to come downstairs(if they get to the door and hear a woman saying fuck me harder and they still want to come in they have issues). Now looking back on it, I was focusing on one good jelq out of three. I would get a good long one for 3-5 seconds then the next two are blah b/c I was focused on a puff or a butt on tv.

I was just always curious about this b/c I havent gained anything and didnt know if maybe this would have some type of affect on it. I am going to try to go with the time limit thing, I think that would be better for me to start something different and focus on every jelq as to just one out of two or three.

Focus more on the quality of the jelq over the time or count then adjust to what will work best for you (timer or count). If you get interrupted a lot, then counting might be your best option. I have the timer going but still count because it works better for me.

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I probably will actually try to do both but lean mainly towards time. I find myself taking way to long to do jelqs, I pause to much and go and do this and that changing this over here, just way to much. I appreciate the input fellas.

I go by feel, not time or numbers. I know when I have done the right amount, because I know how my penis responds to PE. Some days it wants more, some less. Depends on what other sessions I’ve been doing too.

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I’m usually trying to do 200 jelqs but some nights I only get in 150 - 175 because my penis is not responding well.

Pre PE: 5/8/04 BPEL 6.25" EG 5"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" EG 5.5"

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