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Time question.

Time question.

This is really for those who live in a college dorm or some other place where you’re living in close quarters with a bunch of other people. Any response is greatly appreciated, though.

When do you guys find time to do your PE exercises? As you might expect, I live in a dorm room with a roommate and I just can’t figure out how I could make a consistent routine work.

Doing it in my room is just about out of the question. My roommate rarely leaves and when he does I’m usually gone myself thank to a busy and erratic schedule. The bathroom is public and, me being the exceedingly shy man I am, I just don’t see it working out at all. About the best idea I’ve come up with is doing it in the shower, but my showers are usually hurried.

Anyway, I don’t want this to turn into a sob story. I’m just trying to see if anyone else had thought of anything more creative. Thanks for reading.

Well… is the shower public? I mean, even if it is you should atleast have private shower stalls… in which you can do your jelqs and then you can do your stretches every time you go to the bathroom (stall again)… and then look into moving out of your dorm and getting a place with a private room. Apartment with a friend or something…

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Find a private bathroom on campus, they do exist. Maybe check in the administration buildings or in the library—all you need is a bathroom with a lock on it to feel safe. Honestly though, 45 minutes in a bathroom every day sounds pretty darn uncomfortable to me.

Why not make a system up with your roommate regarding sex? Like a blue rubber band on the door means knock before being let in. You could even install a latch on the door to be extra sure.

I was in a similar situation a few months ago and I just waited to start until I moved into my apartment. It’s a tough situation, but I suggest you try doing your routine in your room. Honestly, even if your roommate walks in you can just pretend you were masturbating, which may be embarassing but who hasn’t been walked in on while masturbating?

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