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Time off and it HURTS


Originally Posted by Mr. Happy

I think some of that Dutch directness could perhaps be tempered with some compassion and perhaps also a helpful example of a search
that might be of use to a distressed fellow Thunder's Place member, no? It’d cost you nothing except a little time and it would add to the dialogue, which is what a forum’s all about.

A little charity now and then doesn’t kill any of us, y’know? I’m just saying.

At this moment I have a a average amount of posts a day of 10.86. Count in the fact that I didn’t post for the first two months and are banned for another month for admitting being 17 back then, I have an average posting rate that is only exceeded by one member, twatteaser.

There is a large amount of posts that I have made in the newbie forum, which helped thousands of people, I have gotten hundreds of PMs from guys who wanted help with PE from me and even several PMs from people who just spontaneously thanked me for my posts and my contribution to the forums. Also I have heard that I am one of the most attitude free vets around here, so I really can’t get how you, being a frequently posting member yourself and even became a mod lately, are claiming that I don’t help people?

The problem I personally experienced lately is that I have less time to spend time at the forums which I really unhappy with, I really like to be here, helping people with PE or their problems, bring entertainment at the dive with the battles, let rate her and other threads etc. I’ll keep doing it, keep spending time here but since the summer vacation other parts of my life are being neglected. To combat that, I don’t participate in threads that are over 30 posts, don’t join discussions anymore etc. But it isn’t enough, there are still things that I keep bolting at the long term.

So I have decided to shorten my posts, especially at the newbie forum, to core information. This way I can still help as many people as I can, don’t feel bad about being picky at who I help and can finally deal with some things in my life. If a post is unclear or someone wants more information, they can ask. Then I’ll be more than happy to clarify my post or give more information. If that isn’t necessary, then I’ll safe time for other things.

Being direct is just something that is part of my culture, just like other cultures have their things. I have never been disrespectful to any culture nor being intolerant so why can’t you tolerate my directness?

You are saying that it costs a little time at solving my directness with additional information but it looks to em that you are talking from your point of view. What costs little time for someone might cost much time for someone else. For example, I have spend 45 minutes to write this post and needed to look in the dictionary 5 times to make this post understandable for you and the other members.

There is a Dutch saying “Through damage and shame one gets wise”. I’ll apply the saying from the information I have gotten from this thread, would appreciate it if you do the same. :)


Helping someone is helping someone, no matter how you put it or how it comes out. Just take the information given and try to better yourself with it.

I personally didn’t see anything wrong with the way bird told the guy he should have cemented his gains, people just have different ways of expressing themselves. For bird or anyone for that matter to take the time out of their schedule to answer a post, is great and should be commended.


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Great Post Bird. I agree with you and dute

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Thank you dute and dxshern :) .

Originally Posted by furderfraulein
Mr. Bird,

As a newbie, I’ve been unable to successfully track down how to cement gains. I feel like such a pest continually asking for answers to questions I know you’ve answered so many times before. But after at least 45 minutes of roaming this site, I cannot find anything on how to actually cement gains.

PS: I’ve yet to actually gain anything yet, but for when the time comes, I’d like to have that knowledge.

I found this by searching after less than 30 seconds.

How long does cementing take?

Check this thread out, you can find anything, and a lot faster too by using the tips contained inside :)

How to use the Search button for best results

Originally Posted by Bird2
At this moment I have a a average amount of posts a day of 10.86. Count in the fact that I didn’t post for the first two months and are banned for another month for admitting being 17 back then, I have an average posting rate that is only exceeded by one member, twatteaser.

twatteaser and ThunderSS, actually ;) Plus a lot of your posts are in the dive, so average post count doesn’t really mean anything. While I’m at it, you joined in July and posted in August, so thats one month not two. :D


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How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

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Thanks, You guys shouldn’t worry about how rude or direct some people are in this world. As long as I got a logical answer that would help me for my loss. Now I know what cementing is and what it does.

Confidence is the key. Thanks guys!

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