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Time Management

Time Management

I’m new to PE and was curious on the time management of PE. I don’t have a whole lot of time, as we have kids and are both in graduate school. I’m not looking to grow large bounds here, just want a little extra. I would like to grow in both girth and length. Any advice on how to get the maximum gain out of the least amount of time. I don’t want to skip steps, but I do want to know if more time should be spent on warm up, stretching, jelqing, cooling down. I want to do this slow and smart.

Thanks for any help and/or advice.

Hi swim,

In my opinion, the best place to start off is getting familiar with the newbie routine, if you haven’t already.

/forum/showthread.php?t=28502 ( The Newbie Routine )

Also, I highly suggest this post, as it will explain you that you might concentrate yourself on a certain part of your penis first, to get faster gain.

/forum/showthread.php?t=98598 ( TGC Theory )

You can also go checkout the routines of other guys who started recently, to give you an idea on the time spent of warm up, stretch etc.. You will find full of advices there from older members.

You have to be patient, and very consistent if you want gains. Theres always those who have gains only after a few weeks doing the newbie routine, but they are rare. All thought, you might be one of them.

I hope that you will find those information interesting and that it may help you start off PE on the right foot.

Thanks for the advice. I finished my first workout and feel great. It’s gonna take some getting used to on the stretching, but besides that it went well.


It just depends if you plan to hide your PE activity from your partner. Jelqing needs some privacy indeed (the kids!), and the bathroom is probably a good place for it. I hope the kids are used to give you privacy in the bath at least.

But stretching can be done without problem when lying cozily in bed under the comforter. As long as you can warm-up and warm-down, there is not a lot of suspicious movements while stretching.

And as it is recooended to jelq before stretching, a late jelq/shower with a follow-on stretch session when in bed could make it.

Just be prepared to answer the question why you constantly keep a hand under the sheets and your eyes to your beloved :-)

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Thanks for the advice. Actually I have not told my wife I am doing this. She likes the size I am because she is petite. Depending on positions that we use, she doesn’t like it all because it hurts. But that is why I really want to focus on girth.

In your opinion does jelqs and stretch help with girth more or length?


Stretch is for length.
Jelq is for length and girth. Depends on your hardness level what is targeted more. Softer, length is targeted more. Harder, girth is targeted more. But do not jelq above a 70 percent erection. Too dangerous.

When I was a newbie I split my workout into two parts for time management reasons. Stretching in the morning, jelqing in the afternoon.


for me with the little experience of just 12 weeks jelqing helps for both, length and girth. But as far as I have understood the science of PE, it is not predictable for the individual case. I would say go for the newbie routine to get your cock used to the treat, and after 3 months you’ll be able to decide what direction to go. There are specific routines for girth, but not (yet) for us newbies :-( Girth is my primary goal too, but for the noment my newbie routine is still generating growth so I keep it.

And regarding your wife: maybe think about some lovemaking aspects. Madame on my side is pretty sensible on first entrance (ok, I am already quite big by nature), but after the first warm-up orgasm on her side she can accept much more lenght and girth in her without pain and a lot of pleasure. So a bigger cock means more responsibility during sex too. So maxbe your beloved has had unpleasant encounters at cervix level and is afraid of similar events - it can be a question of position and “angle of attack”.

But I take this as part of my PE training - what is a big dick good for if not for giving bigger pleasure? And that is mostly a question of sensibility in the moment and some love techniques. So I want to enhance not only my dick but my abilities as lover too. And I do it by communication - talk, talk and talk again. Your lady will love to be the center of attention of questions “tell me how I can make you feel even better during sex”. At least it works for me and those open minded dialogues give a new quality to our relationship.

Wishing all the best!

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