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Time Management and Multitasking

Time Management and Multitasking

The greatest difficulty I came across while PEing was being consistent, because, let’s face it, there’s nothing quite as boring as sitting in the bathroom and staring at the walls for 30 minutes straight. About half a year ago I finally gave up after a week or so, because I never had the nerve to prepare the 10 min. Hot wrap warm-up, either.

So what was the solution to use my time more efficiently and keep my attention from slipping? You can’t really read a book while jelqing or do any productive work and if you don’t have a massive DVD collection, there’s only crap on the TV, etc, then what are your options?

Fast forward to January 2006: I thought about restarting, but this time I had prepared myself by downloading “a few” e-books, interesting series and movies (think p2p, torrent etc) to keep me glued to my computer. I also had replaced the hot wrap by getting one of these infrared lamps. The warm-up now only takes 5 minutes max and I can even “warm in between” (while jelqing) and I managed to do about 1500 regular 2sec jelqs every day while watching “half a movie” (50min), instead of boring myself to death in the same time and only getting 600 jelqs done.

This time, I managed to complete my first month and went from 7.1” to 7.5” (both bone-pressed). The gains are only a nice side effect though, compared to the amount of fun I had while doing the exercises.

I suggest doing some reading while you stretch and saving the jelqing for the movies.

For people with a motivation problem, I suppose this post might be of some help, so if you don’t have one of those lamps, get one, and more importantly, get sharing!

Welcome to thundersplace Kuukie.

It’s good to hear that you overcame the “boredom” so often associated with repetitive exercises like PE.

Originally Posted by Kuukie
I suggest doing some reading while you stretch and saving the jelqing for the movies.

I’ve heard that Europeans were more progressive and more sexually relaxed than Americans. I’m pretty sure I’d get arrested for jelqing at the movies. Just exactly what kind of movie theaters do you have over there? ;)

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One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

Good That you overcame your boredom. I have done the exact same thing for the entire time I am doing PE.

Oh the jelqing isn’t a problem really, it’s taking it further that tends to bother some people.

For this, young grasshopper, the average continental PEer has developed not only extraordinary speed and pinpoint accuracy, but also the necessary mental calm achieved through years of deep meditation in order to save face and preserve the honour of his family when a situation gets ‘out of hand’.

To fully understand the concept, examine the following demonstration:

Hm, maybe too many movies aren’t that good, either :D

Congrats on the gains :)

You could try very light hanging (to begin with.) because you can (almost) easily multitask while hanging :)

Good job Kuukie. My greatest problem is not trying to find the time. But how to lock myself in the bathroom without my kids wondering if I am dead or something lol. They always interrupt me and I lose focus and end up giving up too early.

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The best way to find time is the wake up early.

I wake up at 5am, so I have almost 2 hours free to do my workout.

Also, testosterone is at it’s maximum in the morning, so staying erect for girth work is easier!

And you don’t have to think about PE for the rest of the day. I feel more “free” that way !

Thanks dope fish. I also wanted to include that about exercising in the mornings. Definitely better than sitting around at night. Really, this is something some of the beginners around here should try, if it fits their time frame. I wish someone had told me back then ;)

Hmm, on the subject of staying hard while jelqing:

I’ve thought about some crazy stuff like setting up a second computer/tv that has some porn running on it while I’m watching movies, so I don’t have to waste so much time pausing the real movie, alt-tabbing to porn, starting the porn movie, waiting, stopping it, alt-tabbing back and then starting the movie again. Also thought about setting up XGL and having porn running transparently in the background of the movie.

When actually, the solution to this problem is a real no-brainer:

Simply give the movie 2/3 of your total (upper) screen and have 1-2 porn videos running in the remaining area down below. Saves me at least 1/3 of the total time I used to jelq!


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