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Time frames

Time frames

Hi all, I have a question when is optimal to do PEs? I mean what periodicity is optimal. I do three times a week is it enough? Or what do you recommend for newbie


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Listen to your body, its the only way, just because the recommended daily allowance of vit C is 60 micrograms doesnt mean you cant eat more of it, I actually think more than that would be helpful, you get my drift. Translation, some do 3 on 1 off some dont stop, some PE all day, I tend to keep going unless I need to or cant PE in a particular day.

Hope this helps.

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It varies from guy to guy. I do it everyday but there are guys who have enough at 3 times a week.


Start off slow and wind up if you need to. The question you have to ask yourself is are you gaining from a 3:1 routine. If the answer is yes, carry on. If the answer is no then you have to look at both whether your routine is taxing enough and whether changing your rest days would help. Look at that 1 month in, but don’t change for the sake of it.

I think people who PE all day are wasting vast amounts of time on useless forms of PE. Rest is as important as work.

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