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Tight underwear, yay or nay


Tight underwear, yay or nay

Do you think tight underwear could affect gains in any way?

Although it may fit better, it’s not giving your soldier much room to breathe, or hang loose..

Has this discussion been brought up before? :P

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Don’t know about affecting gains but I can’t stand being “couped” up, commando or boxers for me I get a much fuller feeling that way.


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Personally, Nay. I prefer loose boxers or going commando, sadly, the weather here in England doesn’t always permit going commando.

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Originally Posted by se7enx
Do you think tight underwear could affect gains in any way?

Although it may fit better, it’s not giving your soldier much room to breathe, or hang loose..

Has this discussion been brought up before? :P

I’m not sure whether tight underwear would affect gains, but I err on the side of caution. If I’m trying to expand tissue, I don’t want to compress it in tight underwear afterward. I’d rather it stay in the expanded form for as long as possible after my session. I try for just enough support for comfort, but that is well shy of ‘tight’.

Do an advanced search on underwear, specify the word underwear in the title, and have the search respond with threads, and you will have lots of results to look at.

You should certainly not wear tight underwear under a kilt, in any case. :)

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I only wear boxers and have done since I started secondary school years ago.
My balls hang way too low and I am sure it was the lack of support through puberty which did it.

And if you want to make sure your penis has room to gain, cut a hole in the front of the pants and let him hang out so he doesn’t have to be trapped in there with the twins.

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What I do is buy my normal size underwear just plain old Fruit of the Loom and they have a hole in the front for taking a leak. I just put my junk threw it both bat and balls. This is very comfortable to me as my stuff hangs freely all day and I still feel the support of the underwear on my body. My flaccid penis stays engorged all day too due to the bouncing around in my pants freely all day. No special expensive underwear for me haha.

Well for better sperm production your supposed to have underwear that lets your balls hang free and keeps your balls cool
But for gains in p.e I’d say it really wouldn’t do much.

So nay

Go for a comfortable but not restricting pair that keeps them warm I prefer boxers in the summer and boxer briefs in the winter (a good pair that has a nice airflow)
Good luck

I can’t stand feeling cramped below, so boxers or loose fitting lycra pants work for me. Anything really than doesn’t constrict your cock and balls.

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I bought some “Male Power” (brand), “Super Socks” over at Mensuas dot com. They are described as:

The Male Power Super Sock is a sock-style underwear fits like a glove. The Male Power Super Sock has no rear thong strap so it’s held in place entirely with the contour pouch, creating an enhanced profile.

Male Power Super Sock Features:
¼ Inch folded self-fabric and elastic trim
No bottom coverage
Contoured pouch for profile enhancement

In the summer time they are very comfortable and help display your “package”. I love ‘em.

I don’t think that tight under weaver effect on gains but it affect the blood circulation if they are to much tight

Personally I don’t think your underwear has anything to do with your gains. I wear the regular kind because I don’t want to balls dragging on the ground when I’m 80

Commando is the best, only problem is there’s always the risk that some asshole/friend will dack (de-trouser) you unexpectedly as an amusing practical joke.

Then again, if you’re been sticking to your PE, the joke might end up being on HIM, when everyone in the room goes ‘Woahh’.

Never heard people say, “Don’t wear tight shirts or your muscles won’t grow.”

We breathe through our mouths/noses, not our penises. I think the whole fresh air thing is more of a sentimental thing.

The penis can’t “hang” with tight underwear, but if gravity alone was enough to cause growth.. Maybe getting old wouldn’t be so bad ;) . Is that Hugh Hefner’s secret?

Gravity works

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