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Tight underwear, yay or nay


I like the “pouch” type. Gives the boys plenty of room, but tight (or at least not loose) elsewhere.

My favorite brand was RIPS but apparently they are no longer in business.

Do you mean “Kalsonger”?:D

"You shall call him E.Honda"

"Demokrati är inget annat än att ge majoriteten rätten att mobba minoriteten. Min kropp, mitt kapital och mitt liv ska vara mitt val!"

I’ve gotten away from regular briefs and gone towards strictly boxers. Most because I don’t want to encourage any form of turtling. Especially since I’m using an anchor now and then or doing some form of ADS.

I think BigGirtha has in his sig “don’t ever let it turtle”…I’ve kinda subscribed to it.

Originally Posted by C.phantasy
Do you mean “Kalsonger”?:D

Antagligen! (probably)

Tight undies are evil.

I know not if they affect PE gains but they most certainly cause a drop in sperm producion.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Now: 11/09/09 - BPEL 15cm || Short Term Goal: BPEL 17cm || Long Term Goal: BPEL 19cm

Total PE Time: 5 Months || Started: BPEL 13.5cm

I absolutely do think they can affect gains. I stopped wearing my tighty-whities a while ago (except for when I run, or do grappling, as those things require them)…

When I wear tighty-whities…. i hang about 2 inches! seriously! and I’m 6.75” BPEL

When I wear lose style… I hang about 4.5 inches… now that seems more inline with my length.

It was weird in the beginning, but now i love it. Because I love the feel of my hanging.

I like to go commando about the house in baggy trousers, it probably won’t have much effect but feels better.


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