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Tight Spot - What is this?


Here’s what I have gathered, and already tried and I am supporting it after one set, and about to do another:

Stretching, or in my case hanging with a fulcrum to form a v-stretch. I use a pvc pipe in the middle of my penis and I attach my hanger in a way that it pulls up (pulley hanging from an S hook off my desk.)

After doing that I was more elongated in my static stretcher which I now use after every set.

Also erect bends are supposedly good from other members who had this, and they gained lots of length from it. Obviously they bend against their upward curve and tight spot, so they bend it back, or down (away from you) depending on how you want to look at it.

I was on a plane most of the day. Any mod can change the title. Perhaps you’d like to suggest something appropriate?

Well, I’m sure you could think up something better than me. I was thinking something like Septum-“Tight Cord”, for people searching who don’t know what it’s actually called.

Thanks Westla, you or any mod can go ahead and change the title. Hopefully we’ll get more people in here with some input on this topic.


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