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Tight Scrotum

Tight Scrotum

Hey guys, well I have decided to really focus on my super tight scrotum. I was curious the best place to start. Daily stretching, wearing a ring around my testiclea etc. Even my urologist said big guys have tight sacks mainly due to tight muscles (when I was getting fixed). Anyway Im starting with some slight stretching of my balls and scrotum and some full package stretching. I was wondering if there are any other things for beginners. I definetly feel the stretch in my stomach so I dont want to overdue it. Thanks guys


I’m assuming that it is a tight skin issue, unless you are referring to your testicles going up and closer to your body which naturally happens.

Stretching your shaft skin may help decrease the pull that tightens the scrotum.

Note that as you grow older, your scrotum loosens up/gets lower.

Yeah im 33 and the still stay pretty high and tight lol. Big balls just dont hang at all.

I feel that when my testicles are up inside of me my penis looks bigger. Heck I’d like to have them up there instead of sagging every once in a while.

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