Tight or loose ligs

I wonder weather my ligs are tight or loose. Is there a solid way to tell? And should the result be put into to practical use? I am mostly just curious about my own anatomy. I’ve been looking around the forum, but I am still unsure of how to tell.

Possible ways to tell that I know of (Please correct me and add ways. That’s why I am making this post):

1. I know the LOT-theory. It seems to be pretty much dead, but using that, from what I remember when I tested, I had an “average” tugback. This was supposed to imply that I had semi-stretched ligs.

2. I know many (most?) can hide their penis between their legs while standing completely, or almost completely, upright. You know as a joke like pretending to be a woman. You probably know what I am talking about. This is something I just can’t get away with. A lot is still visible so my penis is placed higher up than most. This might imply that my ligs are tighter, but I guess more factors come in to this. Same with fowfers. They are very hard for me to do although with my length it shouldn’t be such a problem, but perhaps it is because I am skinny and have a white man’s ass:)

3. How much one is able to bend/force the penis left, right and down while erect. The more loose they are the easier it should be to do this right? And while I am on the subject. It hurts and is almost impossible for me to point my erection to the right, while pointing to the left is much easier. Can I do anything with this piece of information?

4. Perhaps it could be felt by touch somehow. I mean, one can stretch the penis straight out or to the sides, and with ones fingers try to feel the ligaments. When I do this I think I feel the ligaments, but I don’t know, and if they are just that, I don’t know what I feel means.

So that’s what I’ve got. I only know my own body, but I don’t know what anything means because I don’t have anything to compare with. So please give me some insight, different methods or something to compare with (or the dreaded link to a thread discussing this. I have looked around though so be kind.)


22.01.08 NBPEL: 5.91/15cm, BEG: 4.29/10.9cm, MEG: 4.53/11.5cm

03.09.09 NBPEL: 6.26/15.9cm, BPEL: 7.09/18cm, BEG: 4.49/11.4cm, MEG: 4.92/12.5cm