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Tight Foreskin & Stretching

Tight Foreskin & Stretching

Sorry if this has been asked a hundred times before, but I can’t seem to find exactly what answer I’m after with the search tool. I’m wondering if I’m stretching properly, I’m uncut, but I cannot pull the foreskin all the way back because it is hard to do so and very uncomfortable when back. I have tried stretching and jelqing like a cut man would, however from what I’ve read this would only work the skin. I tried dry jelqing, but it seems to lead to the skin becoming irritated. I was wondering if there are any alternatives, or will stretching work over time?

Thanks a lot


I think you should focus on the tight foreskin first. Stretch whatever is giving the problem(either the opening, or the frenulum).

Thanks a lot, Sorry but I have a few more questions so bear with me :)
1) I tried doing some A-stretches and they seem to feel like they are working the tunica, would this be correct or is it just stretching the skin further again?
2) will stretching opening decrease the sensitivity too, because even if it does go back it would be too sensitive to stretch.
3) does my routine sound alright? I started a few months ago, 2 days on 1 day off:
occasionally warm up with 5 mins hot wrap
18-20 mins stretching (static stretches, A-stretches, occasionally JAI’s)
5-10 mins jelqing depending on how much time avail
either warm down with wrap or cool down & stretch with cold water (experimenting after seeing the Ice Baths thread)

Thanks for the replies. Hopefully soon I can reach my goals and so can you too.

I too used to have the problem of tight foreskin but i continually streched it everyday now it is loose enough to be considered comfortable. However since i had never had my forekin back before the glans and shaft are extremely sensitive to touch while the skin is pulled back. As you have found i too have the problem that manual streches seem mainly to be streching the skin. Any ideas?

ow-i feel for you- tight foreskin really caused me to be backward with girls when i was younger.

You need to concentrate on that first— use Vaseline amd stretch it gradually— make sure you dont tear any of it or else you will go backwards.

Sorry to ask yet more questions, this is slightly unrelated but I think opening a new topic for this would be silly. When I started my LOT was around 7:30, however after much tunica stretching I measured it recently and it seems to be close to 9 or more, I’m just wondering when I should start stretching the ligaments now.

Thanks to all that reply, I’m really determined at the moment so I want to get everything right to maximize my gains!

I had the same problem as you, I had never fully retracted my foreskin. It was at about the age of 16 that I realized it was supposed to retract. Basically, I started by trying to pull it back and stretching it. Using lube is REALLY important for this. After about a week, I was able to retract it fully while flaccid without lube, and after about a month, it was retracting pretty muc normally. My frenulum is still a little bit on the tight side, so I have to manually push it back when I become erect, but other wise it works just fine now.

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